Where Do Christianity And Non-Duality Meet: Dying To The Self

Now I feel the blog is moving toward examining those who are excluded  by systematic theology; and why mystical thinking always transcends varying religious traditions, and what we mystics mean when we talk about the One-ness; and the inclusive nature of God’s Love for all. We are looking at the both/and way of being rather than the either/or. As long-term readers will know, this blog follows its own path; and I like you follow it! It appears we are now on another part of our adventure.  In some of the posts to come we will be looking at the early Christian Church, [and other faiths]…before 313AD and discovering some very interesting differences between the Christian Church now and then before systematic theology took a grip and solidified  it’s structure.

[I live in the Highlands of Scotland by the way!!- 8mins, 29 sec in and you will probably observe how much I have talked about Celtic Spirituality and how it incorporates all and embraces all within its remit ].


3 thoughts on “Where Do Christianity And Non-Duality Meet: Dying To The Self

  1. Michael says:

    For an indepth exploration of the nonduality in the original teachings of Jesus, please see Robert Wolfe’s book _The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus_. Jesus taught nonduality; it was censored from the official canon. Robert Wolfe shows this in detail.

  2. mike says:

    ..im really looking forward to this study..

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