A Note From Me

The last post with Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee covers all the posts that I have blogged to date. For me, that video, which I found today via a link my husband sent me-sums the whole of my posts up. I have told you how I have been a mystic since birth-certainly my first conscious awareness as a very young child. And I hope, that in these posts I have managed to communicate with you all what I came here to communicate: my own individual God-given musical note in the orchestra that we are all sharing in. The terms he uses such as service, remembrance and the way he repeats that in our One-ness our individuality shines; shows how the same language, the same One-ness is expressed through mysticism and how this transcends religion. Indeed, he even refuses to answer any question on religion!

One further thing that I think is worth mentioning at this point for all my readers from around the globe. We are approaching very shortly; times which will have huge impact upon the world as we know it. These are times when we step through to the next evolutionary stage of mankind and they are almost upon us. If I can offer any guidance for us to carry forward through these challenges it is this: hold firm and true to Love, no matter how compelling the illusion, or the desire to react otherwise.  Ask only this: How would Love behave, how would Love respond; and if you find yourself lacking, then choose again. Keep turning towards Love and choosing Love over and above all else. Only Love unites, all else divides. It is thus that Love transcends.

I imagine for a while that I will now be drawing back into a time of quieter reflection, meditation and prayer in order to ready myself. However as I only ever follow instructions…we will see what happens. In the meantime may the Great Love which we are bless us and keep us all within its safe embrace for its purpose. Below is a picture of Eileen Caddy and I in 1998. Two mystics together! Where did those 14 years go! Blessings. Stephanie.


3 thoughts on “A Note From Me

  1. milenanik3 says:

    You have an amazing blog here.I am so happy for finding it on web.You have lot of interesting subjects as much as I could see in little time but I will be coming here often.
    Be blessed!

  2. mags says:

    Blessing friend x I shall hook in from time to time and catch upon all the post which I haven’t yet had time to discover, due to ‘Masses’ of uni work.
    Love, Love, Love and ‘red tent’ by Anita Diamant moments

    x mags †

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