REVELATION: The Tenth Revelation: Love; The Return To One-Ness

This morning the Lord woke me at 3am, urging me to go outside and witness the sunrise, just to sit and watch and absorb it for all its beauty. As the colours changed and deepened, from pale pink to deep crimson and palest yellow to amber and the softest lilac to a rich purple, I also became aware of the sounds of the birds in the garden and traffic passing along the A9. I was immediately aware as I stepped into the cool air of the feelings and excitement of those early hours of the days I set out to travel the 550 miles south to see my children or parents who live in Norfolk. The feeling of anticipation, excitement, freedom of travelling on the open road towards a destination that I know very well, with my heart reaching out to them long before I arrive. I could choose to fly but I prefer to drive; for two main reasons, firstly I enjoy that journey and all the unexpected encounters along the way with people I may never see again, the sense of sharing a long distance journey with others on the road, the mutual tiredness and achievement; and secondly I am usually heavily laden and to fly restricts me on baggage!

And the Lord laughed as He showed me the connection between that and all those simple associated feelings with the journey we call life. We come here, eager, excited, longing to travel life with anticipation for all the rich encounters with others along the way and the potentials they contain whilst also knowing our destination, and those we will meet there. We encounter traffic jams along the way, when nothing in our journey seems to move and we seem to be stuck ; going nowhere, and when that traffic moves again, more often than not, we cannot even see what the cause of the hold up was.

We know that when we arrive at our destination there are people we love, yearning to see us and welcome us, to refresh us for the efforts that we made in getting to them, and we know firstly that there will be great excitement and catching up going on. Yet whilst on that road on the way, there is also a sense of simply being, of enjoying the travelling, its sights and sounds, smells, meetings and freedom.

When I leave here to travel, there are two sets of people I love who feel differently. My husband knows he will miss me and feel alone, and my family there yearn for my arrival with them. Then, when I return, it is their turn to miss me and my husbands turn to eagerly await my return. Thus I am constantly cradled in love on all parts of my journey.

And so it is with life. The great Love that created us, waits eagerly for our return to Itself as we travel through life, longing for us, sustaining us whilst we are far from our true home in its presence. No matter how long our individual journey takes, we are assured of the biggest welcome when death accompanies us to our final destination back into Presence, heavily laden from our travelling and reunited with those who travelled before us, and who love us still. We arrive tired, worn out with the sheer effort of it all, yet our experiences have given us much to share with all as well as much to catch up with.

When I travel, I leave my home here in which all that I love and live daily is; this awesome beauty that is the Highlands of Scotland, that tugs at my soul and fills me with such joy and richness every minute of every day, and I travel to the homelands where I grew up, married, had my children and lived for many years. Both places are home to me, both are familiar. At both places are people I love, people who are in my heart and held in my love.

I know this place where I live, it is as familiar to me as my own name, and I know the place where my family live like my breathing in and out. The in-between bit in the middle is not familiar to me, I don’t recognise its landscape, road signs, or its accents. It is strange to me, yet invites my curiosity and exploration. It can be where the unexpected happens, adventure, discovery, this place between places. In it I can’t take it for granted, I must remain alert and pull upon what I know is inside of me, my tally of experience to help me through it and reach my destination. I can get lost in this section of my journey if I am not careful, it is unfamiliar to me, unknown to me.

And so it is with life. It can be easy to get distracted and lose one’s way in that middle section when at midpoint between where you came from and where you are returning to. But when we were created, our return to Love was guaranteed. Though we may travel far from home, we know where that home is and we know how to get there. In our individual experiencing of our journey in between, we have freedom to explore and express ourselves, yet our return to the One-ness is guaranteed. That is where the larger part of ourselves remains, whilst we,  the smaller extension known as our physical form, explores.

Our hearts are containers of love. It is the love that we share, the love that we express, the love that we receive during this journey called life that we use to measure our experience of it. It is the love that creates our warmest deepest memories; it is what keeps track and records our journey. It is in our loving that we perfectly express who we are, where we came from and where we are going. It is the reason for us being here. Most of us have two main questions of the Universe; where did I come from and why am I here? These two questions have been on the lips of mankind since he appeared in physical form. The answers are very very simple. You came from and were created by Love, the name of God and you are here to express all the love you are out into this physical world of form; for Loves sake. The answer to the Universe may be 42 but its meaning is Love!

You are born into this world innocent, pure and loving for that is where you came from and where the larger part of you remains eternally. You depart this world rejoining yourself in loves presence, the union of your individual soul with your universal soul, a reunion of Love.

The middle part of the journey is where the unfamiliar can trip you up and get you a little lost. Your individual self can lose its sense of where it is and be “off piste” for a while. If it moves away from love it enters fear and fear is the complete opposite of love. Fear is the illusion of being separate to Love, to God, and in this state the individual self is blocking its communication with Love, believing it self to be able to create things that go against God, and in this illusion of creation becomes ever more fearful, now believing itself to be sinful, evil and abandoned.

Your safety net is that in truth what you believe you are creating and have created is not real and cannot endure if it is anything other than loving. Only Love creates. But Love in its immense wisdom and compassion allows you to experience the totality of what you have believed to be your creation whilst on your journey; whilst also knowing that your reality is Love and that is where you abide eternally. Thus you are free to choose by your thoughts, words and deeds each day of your life which version of what you create and what you experience. If one chooses to live away from the light, one is simply travelling a path of realignment towards that light. Those who choose Light and Love have no fear of the concept of  hell because they know that only Love exists. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day whilst you draw breath here on this planet you choose and there are only two choices you can make; Love or Fear. And of those two choices only one is real and that choice is Love. It is real because it is who you are. It is what you are. God is Love. God only sees Love because only Love is real.

Thus you are free to choose what you experience. Will fear catch you out as you respond to something or someone? Choose again and turn your face towards Love. Keep on turning towards Love in every situation, ask yourself, what would love do in this situation? How would Love deal with this? No matter the persuasive power of your illusion of fear; fear is not real. Nothing can destroy you, least of all death. You are Eternal, you are free, and you are Love. You are the Holy Child of Love.

You have the opportunity to live in harmony with the form that you create by loving it. If you love it as is your potential, it becomes pure, harmonious and enduring. If you live fearfully through it, you destroy it and it cannot endure. Looking at the state of the life experience on Earth at present it should be very clear to you what many individual souls believe and are expressing in their illusion. Thus shine your light upon them more abundantly as a beacon, be the Love that you are, tell the children of Love of their true nature without hiding their truth from them through the old systems that trapped them in their fear. Tell them they were created by Love for Love. Tell them they are Eternal by birthright. Tell them there is no sin, no hell except in their own illusion. Tell them who they are; hide it not from them. Tell them that black, white, yellow, Christian, Muslim, Jew Hindu they are all the Beloved creation of the Living and Eternal God. Remind them of their Majesty and their Greatness. For this is Truth. This is Love. And this is My Commandment.

Love One Another as I Love You. Do not imprison the children of the Living God in Fear any longer. Their cries of distress in their imprisonment reach Me and are heard. All Is Love.


To complete the Revelations, that were received over a 10 day period in 2011; I also offer here a beautiful song which can be used to describe the relationship in mysticism between Beloved and Loved. Although much can be said; there are also great passages of time when “You Say Nothing At All”.