REVELATION: The Ninth Revelation: Service

Service to others is the doing of the work of Love. It is the active participation of the Love principle within the world of form, in bringing “heaven down to earth”. For in serving each other, you serve God and reap what you sow. He that is considered by the world the least of all, is indeed in God’s eyes, the master of all he surveys.

The service spoken is not the slavery of mind and body to another or a manmade system that those who wish the children of God to remain in their darkness persuade you is for the common good of all. That is indeed slavery and suppresses your abilities and aspirations. No-rather service is Joy; the joyful sharing of your self, with others and comes from the natural longing of your heart to join with others and share the best of your self that you came here to offer them.

The yoke of slavery that men are contained within in your world at this time in order to feed their families, is reductionism in its most severe form and hides behind its many guises, the agendas of those who mean the Holy Children of God no good. There is no place that I do not see, no darkness that My Light does not penetrate and dissolve, no place where I will not break all chains that bind My children.

Service is expansionism, its diametric opposite to this reductionism. Slavery brings misery, service brings joy. Each of you came into this world in order to express the highest vision you hold of yourself and share that with all others, in order that the whole may expand in joy and love and in harmony with mutual respect and dignity for all life.

The systems you have created and the nation states have now served to enslave and not to elevate the children of the Living God. Money, which can be a power of great service, has been used for division and denial and now there exists a world where few have equal access to all when they enter as babes. They even lack access to food, shelter and water, whilst others are wasteful of these resources. The insanity of thinking has infected the whole and all are the poorer for it, and those who have the most are the poorest of all, for they seek to retain it, claiming it as their own-and move directly in opposition to Love in doing so. How may you eat when you know Another starves? How many could eat and have their fill from what you throw away? What are you thinking of? What can you do?

Many know this and feel the horror of it but feel unable to help because of the systems that hold and prevent them. I repeat; these systems have enslaved the dignity and majesty of mankind. Those who would enslave mankind are happy in their belief that they have succeeded in enslaving the sons and daughters of God. But they can never succeed and here is why. Each individual is free to offer themselves in the service of another, and each individual can change the world incrementally. As the light of Love is offered to another, that other can pass it on to yet another and so on. The world is not such a large place! Each act of service you offer affects the whole eventually and the origin of where this act lies within yourself-is safe from attack and enslavement. The heart of man is where the power of his Divinity lies. You are Love.

There are those who abide in their darkness who feel that in order for them to have more, others must live with less, and thus they actively seek to destroy in order to reduce life. This is insane thinking, that is all. Their insanity leads them to poison your water, your air and your health; knowingly they do this. Only by turning away from their light, can they do this. They seek to destroy, the very opposite of Creation and this you call evil. Evil is the opposite of life, destruction is the opposite of creation. In their wrong thinking they seek to actively annihilate the life of those many millions that they see as using “their resources” that they see as being theirs alone if these others did not use them. They dig their viper’s nests deep in the bowels of the earth thinking that these will protect them. In these they store vast quantities of food and scheme how to survive the evil they unleash on the systems of the earth. This is Dumb. They spend their trillions of dollars and pounds in these efforts, creating manmade disasters and collapses to hide their evil doing. And they think that it is not seen or known what they do. They seek to destroy and alter the systems that regulate the earths stability-this is Haarp. These things are insanity, that is all. Nothing can protect them from Me; for I know All, See All and Order All that defeats them, and nothing will harm those I know as my own, nothing can harm them. They can only harm themselves in these actions for they choose destruction rather than creation and by the law of attraction, that which is like itself is drawn unto itself. Thus they cannot be protected against their own actions which backlash unto themselves.

Service is the key to rebalancing the situation and Love is the light that you can shine forth from within you that can illuminate their darkness and show them the errors of their ways of thinking. You have, as children of the Divine Presence, all within you, where no man can touch or harm it, all that can bring light to the world through you.

Love is the constant flame that can never be extinguished. When you fan this flame within you, others see it and join with you and your lights spread far and wide. If you planted a single tree every day, soon you would have succeeded in planting a forest. Whilst one tree might not even be noticed, everyone sees a vibrant forest and shares in its joy, beauty and peace. Each loving thought and action is like that single tree. When you serve others, in a smile, in an encouraging word, a phone call, a hug, an act of forgiveness…you plant a tree. When you dim your light by an act of selfishness, attack of another, denial of another…you chop down a tree and your forest is diminished by it. Aspire to plant the lushest largest forest you can…one tree at a time. Draw upon the strength of Love you hold within to nurture and feed this forest you are creating, for life abounds within its shelter and it feeds many.

With each tree you plant you lovingly release yourself from the grip of slavery and that grip also weakens for others. Whilst you walk in your ever-growing forest, the sound of the factory is far away and you regain your peace. Many will join you and one day the forest will sit right beside the factory and the factory owners too will hear its birdsong and be enchanted with its beauty. In seeing its magnificence they may decide to explore it for a short while and even plant a tree themselves. This is how you change the world. You have within you all that you need. Be of joyous service to all.

We carry our freedom within ourselves, where no-one else can touch it regardless of our living conditions. It is our Soul, our hope, our joy and our connection to the universe. It cannot be touched by tragedy or destroyed by death or disease. It has no colour, no creed and no material wealth. It is the birthright we seek everywhere, not realising it is held within our own hearts. It is peace of mind, wisdom, compassion and love. It is our inheritance and our destiny. Therefore be not afraid to reach out and clasp it, claiming it as your own. Each of us is the most beautiful expression of the Great Spirit, flawless in totality when we have the courage to accept it. There truly is nothing to fear. With grace you will find the universe in a grain of sand, a small white feather and in the eyes of the next person you meet. With awakening you will also find it in the face that greets you in the mirror.