REVELATION: The Eighth Revelation: Remembrance

And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

Acts 2:17


Remembrance is remembering through embracing. It is the Eternal hug of God of His Love and Creation.

In the Areopagitic writings, Dionysius begins his treatise with an invocation of the Holy Trinity, whom he prays to guide him to the supreme height of mystical writings, which is beyond what is known, where the mysteries of theology, simple, unconditional, invariable, are laid bare in a darkness of silence beyond the light. It is necessary to renounce both sense and all working of reason, everything which may be known by the senses or the understanding; both that which is and all that is not, in order to attain in perfect ignorance to union with Him, who transcends all being and all knowledge.

The above certainly describes the mystical experience, yet the Will of God through His Beloved Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who is our comforter and everlasting companion is that we do know our Father and that we draw ever closer to Him as the prodigal son. Revelation as remembrance enables us through all time to experience the great Love that created, nurtures and sustains us, by revealing through our hearts, the Absolute Truth of our Being.

At points in history it has been said that revelation is complete, there was nothing else to be added and nothing could be subtracted, yet it is through the Love of God that extends for all time and by grace, we are lifted into its higher mysteries and understanding thereof; therefore whilst All exists within the single eternal moment, it can be revealed over and through unfolding ‘time’ according to Divine Will. It is my experience that God reveals in revelation to the pure seeking of a heart filled with love to know its Creator and holds nothing back of itself in that grace of revelation. It is also my experience that we are able to be enfolded into union and knowing/revelation according to the degree with which we are ourselves able to surrender and extend and receive love.

It should act as our comfort that God reveals as He wishes to whomsoever He decides in His wisdom to reveal to: for certainly, no barriers of religious belonging prevent Him; and revelation does not follow any manmade pattern or concept of acceptability. God’s Wisdom is not mans wisdom, nor is His justice mans justice and He will not be constrained by man, nor contained by him. As God wills to pour His spirit over mankind, so shall they act as witness to this event, and speak of it through the ages revealing a living God communicating actively with His Creation. No religious dogma can prevent this. No heart exists whose hardness cannot be penetrated by God’s Love.

It also acts as comfort that God reveals through time and thus our understanding and love of Him can grow through time, forasmuch as our understanding can ever understand the unfathomable-but chinks and glimmers can shine through and thus increase our longing and praise.

My experiences have been of a passionate, all-embracing Love, the limitations of expression being purely mine, as no language can capture the essence or experience, in the same way that religions cannot contain Him! It is an individual experience always; yet when compared with others, does share some commonalities that serve to mark out that there is a shared experience. All who have such experience feel unworthy of it, in its Magnificence, wonder that they have been graced with it, fear but feel compulsion to share it, for the memory of it never fades or fails, a small portion of its vibrancy remains, left to be translated into common words that leave it vulnerable to interpretation and frustrated in words impotence to convey the wholeness of it.

But because of these human failings of endeavour, it should never be dismissed, for in its giving; is implicit that it is for sharing, for the purpose of revelation to all, not just the few. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that all believe in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. And this life was a leading, a showing, God becoming man, living amongst men. This shows a God that is not remote and unapproachable, rather a Father that loves Creation and passionately seeks interaction and union with it.

For He shows me that He desires our understanding and knowing of Him, in that we reach His potential and Will for us, His creation. In Love He created us and in Love He holds us and keeps us, for He sees in us no imperfection and desires of us no penitential profession of sin. The gap between God and us is a gap that we have enabled through our misunderstandings and these are which He Wills to correct. Thus it is that it is He that is always approachable and who pours all the gifts of understanding to us in an ever flowing stream, providing that each individual of every generation may know Him, His Will for us, and His Eternal abiding Love of us-not as a concept, but as our reality, known in our hearts and minds and in our bodies through which we experience expression. This following piece always makes me cry when I read it. It contains within it this vastness of unconditional love that we all yearn to know again. God created Universes for me? And He delights in my playing in His wonderous Creation? I give Him such joy? This is the most humbling knowing and yet carries me on the wings of its love to the highest ecstasies possible in utter safety.

Approach Me safely My beloved child

With joy and thanksgiving in your heart.

Play My beloved child

For you; I created universes.

Play-learn of yourself and your Divinity-

For you are the child of God

And I know every hair on your head.

You are totally safe

For there is nothing that can harm you

In any way.



You do not see Me Child of God for I AM within you always, calling you and simply being with you. Mine is the voice you call your imagination. Mine is your creative thought as you realise your Divinity. Mine are your dreams, hopes and aspiration and comfort. I AM synchronicity, I AM Peace, I AM Love. Thus you are of Me and long to know Me, and I long for you to know Me-for in knowing Me you know your self. Child of God-YOU ARE LOVE, in Love’s own image were you created and are cradled. Your Creation brought vast Joy- a joy that is still being celebrated. You were created perfect in every way and that is what you remain. All else that you perceive of yourself is your own illusion, borne of fear.


Approach Me with Love, purity of heart and as a child. In this way you can know Me. For I know only of your innocence, all else I recognise not. And what I do not recognise cannot know Me for it approaches Me not and I know not of its approach.