REVELATION: The Seventh Revelation: The Way Of The Cross

And the Christ said to me:

“For all those who choose to follow the way of Love: My Way: they will experience the Passion and the Crucifixion. Not all are crucified upon a wooden cross, this I do not mean. Rather, that they too experience the crucifixion, the judgement of the world whilst in the world.

They will lose that which holds meaning of the world and suffer the loss of respect of their fellowmen. They lose their status and are ridiculed, abused, rejected and isolated. Yet they can have comfort that in the measure that they are dead to the world so they live in Me and have Life Eternal, for I AM ever with them and carry their cross with them. They are not alone.

Hold fast then to the vision of the cross for it is in the losing of all that one gains the kingdom.

You know that you are in the world yet not of the world. Know that the Real you; the Soul, the Eternal you that never ceases, rejoices for you to see the Kingdom of God and live where no death and tears can reach you. When you lose your job, your marriage, your children, your family, your home, your dignity, your comfort; I am there with you and you know Me and that I AM always with you. In choosing to live heaven on earth you too share the cross and follow in the Way that I walked before you and you will never be comfortless or alone. In your ultimate trials hold onto one statement above all else, for within this sentence holds the Absolute of All your Truth; ‘Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.’”