REVELATION: The Sixth Revelation: Forgiveness Love and Peace

There is a place called Peace in the heartlands named Love, where all weary travellers find welcome, rest and shelter. Nourishment is of the Soul and the body discovers shade from the sun. The signposts to this gentle oasis are well-marked and the bitter gall of emotions of physical life, of which the Soul, ever eager of her destination pays no heed. Fancy and fashion she ignores, urging the personality to move on;ever forwards.

Disappointment, frustration, anger, tears, failure, all such distractions of the small self the Soul knows and listens to not, for it dwells in the homelands named Love and she knows our place of belonging is there too.

O weary traveller, take heart in Peace, for therein lies the answers to all the questions, the refreshment that quenches all thirst. The path is well-worn, for we have travelled it so many times, this path, this journey called Life. Its bumps and twists and turns when viewed with Love are beauty stops that can be valued and appreciated and not feared. The depths of the valley with its long shadows are places of rest, the mountain tops, places of ecstasy and vision.

Legend and myth, the places of past belonging-maps that we left ourselves so long ago-to find, follow and know this time. Shades of light and dark are as thunder clouds and sun, themselves merely passing over the canvas of our life. We are the sparks and passion of the Divine Presence, we have no need of fear, the grave has no victory, death no sting for we are the truly loved of the Beloved.

Our Soul, our pre-set compass, our holding whilst we extend into form. We come not alone to this world but trailing legacies of our greatness to share. We come to whisper of the homelands in this foreign realm and to all who choose to snooze in the midday sun under a sombrero of forgetful dreaming. We come to remind the warmongers of Peace by offering them ours. We come to share forgiveness in our giving and we offer it before it is asked, just as God does. We find no outer peace until we know inner peace. We come to live and express our Divinity in form, in full witness of all. We are Love.

There can be no outer peace until the inner peace radiates from within to the outer world. This is certain. The levels of disturbance with your world directly mirror the disturbances you are all experiencing within yourselves in physical form. The world, its nations, its people are manifesting dis-ease, the whole reflecting the individual.

This dis-ease spills over and its results are seen in the poisoning of your air, your water, your food, the never-ending accumulation and use of weapons and techniques of destruction against each other, the collapse of your financial systems, the desperation of poverty, hunger, debt and displacement of human life.

Through physical form you are attacking all life on earth, the Earth herself, each other; all because you are at war with yourselves within yourselves. You have now reached the ultimate tipping point of total destruction off all-an extinction event. You are waging the ultimate war against your selves through your mistaken thinking that you: who were created to create: can destroy.

Let us look at this, your misperception and at Truth again. You were created by Love. You are Eternal. Nothing God has created can be destroyed. Nothing that is real can harm you and nothing unreal exists. What you are experiencing and manifesting en- masse is illusion and insanity. You are doing this because you have ‘lost your way’ in form and you can no longer feel your connection with each other, with the planet and with God. This is because of the disresonance of vibration between the individual you and the universal you. You have blocked off Love and thus you are acting against Love in your error. To act against Love is not possible in Truth, but you are [within the illusion that you can], acting to destroy; the opposite of Creation.

Because this increases your inner pain to such a degree that you cannot bear it: it is so inharmonious to your Truth; you lash out to be rid of the pain and thus you  create more pain to the point you are now whereby it is sending you into the abyss of darkness and destruction-the ‘furthest point from God’.

This is illusion of course. You cannot gain the peace within that you seek from these beliefs and destruction because they are not your Truth. You cannot impose war to bring about peace; that is insane thinking. You cannot make these lies into truth, nor can you make destruction, creation.

You can destroy the form you have created when not creating through Love, but you cannot destroy that which God has created. You will still exist Eternally, because you were created to be Eternal. The planet will continue to exist because she was created by Love, not by you. So you will exist, the planet will exist and Love will exist.

You created form in order to extend your Love through it and create more and yet you are choosing to destroy through it, thus you have imbued form with error and it is temporal and will fade away. Why would you choose to destroy when you can create? It must be that your mind is forgetful of the joy with which you created it. It must be that the Love you bestowed it with has become lost and misplaced within yourself. You are forgetful of your self and in this forgetting you feel lost. There is only one way in which to create and that is to extend Love. To reverse the lie you believe into its truth, you must shine the light of Love into the darkness to illuminate it, so that you may see clearly again. Only in Love can you re-connect to your self and your truth. In Love you can change your perceptions of the world because you will see it as Love sees it, and understand the why and how you created it. Only through Love can you find yourself again. Only through Love can you reconnect with the Peace which you seek. You seek it because you know it is yours, you remember deep within that it is the natural state of your being.

Peace can never be imposed, it can only be achieved as you choose to draw ever closer to the Reality of your own True Nature, the Love that you are. You are Love. Love creates and Love extends. When you create without extending this Love, you cannot create anything that is real or enduring. You create Illusion and illusion must fade away. Thus what you have created in form as a result of your misperceptions are not real and will not last either. Thus your bodies and all your structures that you have created and think are real cannot endure and must fade away as you become aware again of your Truth. It is only within your Truth that you can create as it is intended that you create; things of an Eternal Nature as your Father creates. Thus your world of form is not real as was its intention; it does not exist except within your confused perception. This has been described as ‘the Fall’. There are things that you have created in Love and Truth and these will endure and cannot now be destroyed by you. To shine the light of your Love into places of darkness is to give of yourself to the world of form and illusion and giving willingly of your Love animates and breathes Life into your creations. On the many occasions when you perceive the variance of vibration between Truth and illusion, you have the opportunity and choice to hold your Truth and extend your Love regardless. Forgiveness is the giving/offering of your Eternal Love and Light to all before it is asked for.

In order to be able to offer forgiveness you must regain the balance that is the harmonising of the frequency between your individual self and universal self. This enables you to see in Love, to be able to say ‘forgive them Father, for they know not what they do’. In this you can know your Divine Nature. All that is not of Love cannot endure and through loving connection you find the Peace that you seek through the Love that you extend. Love, Wisdom, Compassion is the key to Peace. In Compassion you can forgive.

I have no other purpose in life other than to Be, and in my Being to hold the highest vision of myself that I can; to enable the Christ consciousness to reach down through the multi-layered levels of my being, down to the Earth itself.

My body in form is in potential and intention a Holy vessel that can be filled to overflowing with this Divine Presence, as witness to Creation. My highest vision of who I AM is peace, beauty, compassion, light, love, joy, wisdom, truth, forgiveness and creation. In embodying these, I light myself and thus the world. Now I choose to embody these aspects of my self with more conscious awareness.



In this world of endless noise

Let us find the Peace within

That no man can disturb.

Let us grow, so that we are filled to over brimming

And our cup runneth over.

Let the trickle become a torrent

Washing all in our wake

With pure Divine Light.

We will then change the world

From within.



In 1997 I was shown and given the following deeply personal vision; and I wish to share it here, so that others may be inspired to their own potential to bring Peace to our deeply troubled world.

Peace, be still My little one

And listen to the beating of the birds wings

And the colours of the rainbow.

Your circle is now complete, your harmonies in tune with My Own

And you are whole.

For three years you have wandered

Amongst My people

Calling them to wake; and far from home.

Now you bring the unshakeable might of My Mountains

The serenity of My Seas, to your work.

Majestic and strong

You are now built on foundations of rock

Radiating the beauty of the northern lights

Ever outward in pulsating circles,

Drawing those who crave refreshment in these troubled times.

Peace, Be Still and rejoice in My voice.

Every breath you take, in every cell

Radiate My Love for My children.

Your tests have been those of the fires of highest initiation.

You walk, undisturbed by the heat

In perfect Faith, as for centuries past.

Burn the flame within and walk through its heat

The Heart of Creation.

Make whole that which is fractured

Heal that which is dis-eased

And bring Peace to all you touch.




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  1. mike says:

    …this resonates with me somewhere,on some level,deep within,,,I dont know what more to left speechless…Thank You for this….

    • I am so glad. These are there for us all. Today I posted the 7th Revelation and believe me when I say that today I too am being crucified myself…rather ironic. So I hope these posts are meaningful and encouraging for us all.

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