REVELATION: The Fifth Revelation: The Word

In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

John 1: 1

The state of Being in God is Silence. Within this silence inhabits the All of Creation, its potential and its being. All that Is has its dwelling place within this Great Silence.

At the single Eternal moment of Creation, a conscious vibration emanated from Love within the Great Silence and All was created from it and resides in it Eternally. This vibration has been described as ‘The Word’. This word, according to your interpretations was the beginning, the primary force of creation. All was created from and out of and within this First Emanation of vibration, as Love extended itself.

It is the Great Silence that nurtures you and shelters you. As Gods place of being, it is also your home and place of being. It is the place where your individual soul links with the universal soul and can thus access consciously its own Divine Nature.

Whilst you abide Eternally within the Great Silence, you have also chosen to extend and express the Divine Love in form. This form is not silent; it is full of noise and the multiplicity of expressive vibration. Since your natural state is a child of the silence, many now find that this world of discordant vibration they inhabit sets of a frequency imbalance within them. It is expressed as, “I can’t think!” and many choose to find peace within natures gentler sounds of the sea, running water, the sounds of a waterfall or the song of whales, or crackling of a fire.

The noise of modern living agitates and disrupts the souls yearning for silence and acts as a distraction from natural sound or indeed the full rich sound of silence. Modern noise impacts on the health of the body as the body is bombarded with varying vibrations that block out its natural link to its harmony with form. The human body and other bodies were designed to be a suitable shelter for the soul having experience whilst in form but too often now it finds itself under attack from excess frequency disruption which interrupts its finely balanced electrical systems. It is also disrupted by the present quality of food and water that are inadequate for its healthy functioning, due to chemical poisons, pollutants and the decreasing life force within these necessities. The air, water and soil of the Earth is now very depleted and unable to sustain mankind because of careless guardianship of these resources over time.

The root of the disresonance that you have created in form is as a result of the disharmony you feel between your individual soul and universal soul. It is merely misguided thinking and an alignment that is not consciously activated and functioning at the level of form; it is always working correctly and harmoniously at the level of your universal soul to your individual soul.

Think of it this way. The television transmitter [your universal soul] is always transmitting perfectly. However your soul [the television] is not receiving a good picture. This is because there is a barn with a tin roof standing right in the way of the signal and is disrupting it, [your thoughts, beliefs and feelings]. You need a signal booster to receive the clear picture again, and that signal booster is prayer and contemplation, which give you access to the silence and thus access to your true nature and being.

You have a saying when someone or something is getting you down [causing a lowering in your vibration] and creating more disharmonies between individual and universal soul. It is said ‘rise above it’. This describes well the realignment process.

In prayer and contemplation you rise above the disruption because you realign your vibrations to equilibrium with the Universal soul frequency and become fully functional in mind and body through Soul. Your scientists recently were able to show the results pictorially on MRI scans of the changes that take place within the brain when someone focuses their thoughts on prayer, contemplation or religious experience. Entirely different parts of the brain activated from normal activity, they lit up. Scientists see the evidence but as yet do not understand it. The reason is because the vibrational changes of thought are affecting the electrical stimulus. The electrical stimuli also flood the form of the body with realignment directives, thus also bringing the body form back into its healthy state of being.

Thus prayer and contemplation bring you back into your natural state of alignment with your self and God. People often describe the after effects of prayer as a feeling of peace. Peace is your natural state of being when you are in alignment with the Divine vibration that is your life-force. Also, it is true that you have risen above the slower denser vibrations that were harmful to you, and now you are able to function at your proper level and be in balance when perceiving situations that surround you. You see more clearly because you are seeing it as your Soul sees it, with the eyes of Love, Wisdom and Compassion. The more your vibration harmonises with your universal soul, the more you pull into form your Divine Nature, and this was your aim when you first entered form.

Prayer is the joyful response that emanates from the awakening Soul when it becomes consciously aware of its relationship with God.

It is the natural state of the Soul and when individual Soul and Universal Soul harmoniously work together, a light comes into being that can never be extinguished or dimmed.

Prayer does not require words, yet we may use words as a means of expression.

Prayer comes from the heart and is offered freely.

Prayer is not directed or dictated through religious tradition, yet they can act as a map and a stepping stone.

Prayer is a lantern lighting our way in the darkness.

It is a private conversation between two lovers, whispered with knowledge of privacy and intimacy.

It stems from a Love so sublime that never betrays us.

It is the teaching and the learning,

The understanding and the feeling,

It is the leading and the following,

And a walking side by side, hand in hand.

It is the in breath and the out breath,

It is our Alpha and the Omega.

It is as vital to our wellbeing as air and water.



O how the Soul reminds and teaches so gently when we allow its voice to rise to our surface. It is a quiet and constant voice that does not compete with external noise. It is infinitely patient and supporting of our mission, for it shares our mission, that is to extend the highest vision we have of our selves. The miracle of Creation is beyond words and we are held in its Love.


My Being is the only safety within a jungle of confusion and illusion.

Within my heart is the Cosmic Christ,

The destination of the journey,

The refreshment of the parched,

The food graciously offered to the hungry.

Christed One be with me

Hold me tight and keep me from harms way,

For I am lost, lonely in this world and have great need of your Light.

My will is Thy Will and Thy Will is mine.

My desert shall be watered from the sweetness

Of my desire for Thee Beloved,

And mine enemies shall be scattered in the winds

That sweep the plains and the hills.

Blessed be my Soul, in grace and Love.

My Lord, my Beloved answers my cry and I am no longer alone.

He walks with me all the days of my life.



The mountain man lives a life of simplicity and wisdom within its Silence. Observing the world play out its dreams beneath his feet, he can also touch the stars and knows that he belongs to both. Indeed from his vantage point he knows that he is closer to the heavens than to the earth below. Watching the sun as she dresses herself in glorious array each morning to peep shyly before travelling from East to West, he is her silent witness. He honours her presence in the songs of joy with in his heart. In the twilight hours of her daily creation he observes her slow resting, her work completed as she slips drowsily from his watchful eye-promising her return for him since he alone watches her glory. The stars, candles of the guardians twinkle, approaching his vision, telling him of his ancientness, of worlds he has trodden so long ago, with love and compassion. Quickening his heart hears the music of the celestial spheres, pulsing with the harmonic signature of Mother Earth’s melodic tones. His knowing-that life is not sustained except through Divine Presence; and he feels its nurturing of him, cradling him with infinite tenderness and Universal Love as though a babe.

These are the ways of the new heaven and the new earth come before mankind’s eyes to witness; for the Christhood of Humanity resides in the heart of each man and woman and their choice remains as before. By your actions are you known. Do you accept the greatness within you and follow only the Love of your Soul? Or do you hesitate still bound within the prisons of your illusions that you have mistaken for Life?

Tarry not, for I say unto you that the new kingdom comes in the blink of an eye and many are caught sleeping.


Contemplation sits at the feet of God, waiting upon Him, unwilling to leave His presence and being flooded with enlightening Love whose gift is Eternally given. Contemplation is a deep union in the single Eternal moment where no time exists. Through contemplation revelation is given directly and intimately within the joy of relationship between Creator and created. It is as an osmosis of vibrational release, carrying with it, in it all Wisdom, all-knowing, all-seeing, wrapped in One-ness. It is bestowed by the grace of God and accessed via Love. It is very different to prayer, yet prayer too can lead into the vibrational shift that enters the state of contemplation. It is direct communion with God within the sacred space. It is a ‘fusing’, a ‘joining’ a ‘union’.

The soul is ‘lifted’ by Divine grace to this state and for a while abides in the presence of God whilst all senses are still fully functioning. It is extremely hard to describe what this state feels like because there are really no words that describe the fullness of it, and so one is reduced to saying ‘it is like’, or ‘it is as if’. It is a silence that is full of sound and vision, colour and touch, taste and knowing. One is fully conscious whilst in the state and brings ‘back’ full awareness of all the experience when one leaves it.

The modern understanding of the word contemplation infers thinking about, mulling over, but contemplation is not like that. It is experiential in every sense with every sense involved in it. It is like a power surge that one could imagine being struck by the force of lightning may be like, yet it also contains perfect peace and stillness within it.

When one sees Christ there are two things that imprint on the memory for life. The first is His eyes. The eyes of Christ are utterly magnificent, they are alive and see right through every level of your being. One can actually feel them probing right through and along with the look is a Love so overwhelming, so all-encompassing that if one is not on their knees beforehand, it knocks you right onto them then, it takes you off your feet literally. It is a Love of such vastness and totality that one would never experience it on Earth.  No words are available to get the feeling of its magnificence across to another person, or if there are, I cannot find them.

This tsunami of Love is what extended itself into Creation and to feel it, one realises the very pale shadow that we call love is, in comparison. It would be like comparing the size of an atom with the size of all known universes combined. It is a feeling that one never wants to leave or depart from for a single second! Yet this Love is what we are. We have so lost our sense of how vast we are, how Divine we are, how loved we are and how loving we are. We have truly forgotten who we are and where we came from. We have forgotten our power and our glory and our meaning. Silence, prayer, contemplation, humble seeking, love in our hearts are all tools we may use to repair the connection between our individual self and our universal self. In this searching and the finding we discover Peace, the Peace that passeth all understanding.