REVELATION: The Fourth Revelation: Surrender

Surrender unto God’s Will brings joy and fulfilment.

 It is not the annihilation of the small self;

rather, it builds the bridge that links the individual self to the universal self.


Resistance to your true divine nature in mankind is inharmonious to the vibrations which are the key to how you experience life itself. This resistance causes friction between your physical self and your universal self and this friction causes both disresonance in energy which lies behind manifesting disease, and an interference that affects your innate ability to communicate with the universal self in regard to hearing the inner voice.

At First Creation God and mankind communicated easily and clearly as resonance was compatible as has been said. Manifestation of spirit into matter was an act of Love to enable Love to experience itself in form, which is what you call life, is. Spirit can express itself in many diverse ways; through light, colour, sound and others of which as yet have no knowledge of. Form is a way of experiencing the expression of Love and that is what life on Earth is.

As the concept of ‘individuality’ took hold, so did the idea that you are separate from God, and when you perceive yourself as separate from God you can resist surrendering to God’s will in defiance as the individual self fears that to join with the One-ness necessarily means the annihilation of the small self and that annihilation would make its experience invalid and result in its own destruction. The small self still has the blueprint of the Primal Force within it, remembering that’s its purpose here is Love experiencing expression, thus rebels against ‘failing’ in its endeavours. All that has occurred is mistaken thinking due to the vibrational gap in resonance. Thus the individual self fears union with its universal self as it perceives its own death, no longer knowing that it is Eternal. It can even determine that its only chance of survival is by retaining its ‘individuality’ and thus distance from God. It sees itself almost like a star being swallowed whole by a black hole and thus ceasing to be. It is muddled and confused thinking;that is all. Many hide from God because of this misconception.

It will help to explain what happens at what mankind understands physical death is because this understanding underpins how fear has its grip. The soul is Eternal, made in Loves image and likeness. It is the ‘individual’ created spark of the Pure Spirit which is God. The soul [created] is Divine as is Spirit [Creator]. Part of the way in which the soul can experience itself is to inhabit form. Form is created and is temporal; it does not endure eternally other than in concept. Thus form fades away.

When the resonance of vibration between soul and form becomes too dissimilar, the soul leaves the form [body] yet endures because it is Eternal, but the form reabsorbs back into a different state of matter. As the soul leaves the body, the animation of the body leaves with it for it is the soul that animates the body. No trace of the person you knew remains. A fear has grown that death means annihilation, the end.

You know from your science that light and sound [vibration] endure. When a sound leaves a radio transmitter, it does not cease to be, although you can no longer hear it. It continues to exist eternally, as does your Soul. The unique essence that is what you call ‘you’ exists eternally because you were created to be Eternal. Your individual uniqueness continues to be unique within the whole. Creation would not be complete without the ‘you’. This is how much you are loved.

Surrender to God whilst experiencing being through form means the same. By surrendering to Love you enable your vibratory levels to become more resonant with your universal self, creating a bridge that is your consciousness and aware link whilst in the physical and to become consciously Divine whilst on earth. This has been described as ‘bringing heaven down to earth’. In the Christian prayer, the Pater Nosta, two lines are “Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”. Jesus Christ was the perfect example of this example. With perfect surrender in human form to God the link was complete and whole, thus what he willed his Father granted. The Will was One. There was no variation in vibration, just perfect harmony. In this way the dead could be brought back to life as the soul was called back into form, thus re-animating the body. The deaf, the blind and the lame were healed, through vibratory resonance because of Jesus’ perfect alignment with God. But he also promised that all he did, we too would do. This is because he knew that we are the Divine Creation of the Father, of love. In that we share with Him all ability and all potential and all Eternal Nature. In surrender to God, you realign yourself with yourself.

You still hide from My face-

Look up and greet Me with Love

For there is nothing to fear.

You and yours have no need to stand in awe.

There is absolutely nothing about you that I do not know.

There is no darkness that I cannot see through clearly.

You are Love.

I call you quietly.

I will never cease My calling of you.

Waken and know Me.

Waken and be Love.

You have dreamt your nightmare for too long.



4 thoughts on “REVELATION: The Fourth Revelation: Surrender

  1. And your posts give me the courage to post mine and stand tall. Thankyou.

  2. Religion4All says:

    Such a beautiful post, thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights … they stoke the Divine fire in me :-).

  3. I’d never thought of this before: that I really DO believe that surrendering to God would feel like I was being swallowed up. Maybe this is why I’ve been resisting the changes Spirit wants me to make? I keep thinking “why am I resisting this so much?” I know what they want me to do, but for some reason I’m clinging to the “old” for dear life. Is that why I’m so scared because I feel I will be annihilated? That I will cease to exist as “Rachel”? I’m clinging to control.

    This post has really helped me to understand.

    Thank you.

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