REVELATION: The Third Revelation: Understanding The Trinity And The One-Ness Of God

Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. Therefore above all else, be love and seek honour and Wisdom.

Understanding the Trinity and Oneness of God.


Love remains the force of the universe, the energy and totality of God, the mechanism of Creation and the meaning for it, and Wisdom is the key that unlocks this understanding of the Nature and Being of God.

Wisdom, once you have sought her, will be your faithful companion, prompting you, guiding you, answering you and showing you all mysteries. Wisdom is ancient, when God created Creation in its totality, Wisdom was present. Thus Wisdom is also an aspect of the Primary Force and as such was part of the Creative Force. Wisdom holds the past, guides the present and infers the future. All time exists within the single moment: the single impulse, the Eternal moment, just as All That Exists, exists within that single Eternal moment of Creation, abiding there within Gods Love. All that is, was and ever will be is contained and cradled within this Eternal moment. All possibility, all variation, all outcomes, all potential was created within the moment of Creation, thus God whose Creation it is knows all within it. The All is contained within each individual atom as all resides within God and God resides within it. Vibration is what gives the sense of variety and difference and outer [physical being] vibration is determined by the level of inner vibration [consciousness] being accessed. As vibration increases with increased consciousness and awareness, more of the All is accessible and here is where Wisdom teaches and guides one to aspire to unlock more and more of the All, wherein holds your potential and possibility.

The Trinity, the Triune Nature of God whilst in One can be revealed in this way. The Father is Love. This is the first of the triune faces of God. The second of the triune faces of God is Wisdom, the Mother who teaches and helps us see God the Father in his majesty, magnificence and wholeness. The third triune face of God is Compassion, the Son who is the Christ aspect, who walked amongst us in the physical and shared the experience of the physical nature of matter as we all do. These three are One, just as we too are one, yet manifest as many. Therefore within this One, the three are Love, Wisdom and Compassion. Within these three, the awareness and consciousness of the ‘individual’ soul elevates its understanding that it is One, contained within the creation of All within the single Eternal moment. Love is the key by which we access Wisdom. The gift of Wisdom is Compassion. Herein lies the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

In 1994 I wrote this prayer for my own use that expressed my understanding.

God my Father and Mother

Whose breath created the Word

And became triune;

I offer myself in service to my fellow-man.

Let my light shine strong and sure

In a sea of darkness and despair.

Let my boat be safe for all who seek refuge

In stormy turbulent seas.

Let my map and compass

Be the words that you speak in my ear,

And my plotted course be wherever you may lead me.

Let love be my lantern

With Wisdom its flame

And be with me always

This I pray.

Wisdom is a gift bestowed upon us through grace as we seek earnestly and thus becomes accessible to us to explore and follow more deeply. Although we are never alone in this physical experience, we sometimes feel that we are and our efforts and choices whilst here, determine our vibration, that in turn determines the level of awareness and consciousness we may experience, aspire to and live on our journey.

Everything around us serves to both return us safely to God’s presence and distract us away from it. This is the same for all people. It is our own reactions that determine our experience and could be said to shape our reality. As children of Love’s Creation made in its own image and likeness, we also create, and what we create comes from our thoughts and feelings. Many do not realise the enormous implication that we create at this level. The totality of our thoughts and feelings create the world we see around us and our experiences of it in our everyday living. At this level it can be hard to see beyond this reality with a small r. We can lose the memory of our divine nature and our larger Reality can seem invisible to us. Here is where doubt and crisis of faith enter as the struggle between the small self and our divine inheritance play out. This grey area has been named temptation, the devil, sin, all terms and concepts which have if anything served to increase our feelings of separation from our Source. Over the years these concepts have served to an increase in fear with many people ‘hiding’ themselves from God, fearing that they are so bad, sinners, unworthy, unforgivable. Many have felt that God must be appeased in some way and God has become a distant remote stern figure, whose love and approval can only be gained by complex ritual, structures, intercession and following a specific religion. This in turn has led to a further reduction in vibration which in turn leads to further isolation from realisation and isolation from their Truth.

It has been described as descent, yet that is not what it is. Descent, fall, implies that we have somehow become somehow ‘less than’ what we were at some point in time; and this is illusion, not Truth. We are what we have always been and were created to be, but we have forgotten more of it and much has also been hidden from us in terms of our true Divine Nature by those whose temporal agenda was power and wealth and control and whose best interests were served by allowing this ‘forgetting’. These truths are now veiled from most of humanity. The consequences of this induced schizophrenia relating to our identity show up in our everyday world, our treatment of our planet, our economics, our attitudes and our general deep unhappiness that results in having more and appreciating less.

When something vibrates at the same frequency as another thing there is a resonance and where there is resonance there is likeness and harmony.

In Genesis, the depiction of the Garden of Eden reflects this harmony. There was enough likeness between vibration for the individual soul with the universal soul and the planetary soul for all to recognise, know and work with each other and live in Love, Wisdom and Compassion. Abundance and peace were the obvious result.

The small self, the physical expression we call us, lost fractionally some of its vibration through its experience of individuality as opposed to Oneness and in this; the first disresonance occurred.  Over time this disresonance grew, the concept of individuality separation grew and in place of Love, Wisdom and Compassion being the default position of human nature; the small self grew to have a standing of importance over Divine Nature. It is within this small space created by disresonance that all acts that are inharmonious occur, but there was no sin and the effects of the physical experience have no impact on the true nature of the Soul.

God did not create death, or war or any number of things that we experience. These things are our creations in the inharmonious place we thought was our reality. With the belief that we are separate from each other combined with the growing illusion that we were separate from God through our unworthiness and sin, we have created an illusion of a world increasing daily in chaos, out of control and one in which we are finding it increasingly hard to find any type of shelter. We are now experiencing the illusion of disharmony with our planet, seeing increases in natural disasters yet still we do not see the links between our thinking, our feeling and our earths and societies violent responses to this disharmony between vibration. It is Love, Wisdom and Compassion that hold the vibratory levels that we must harmonise our selves with and Wisdom forever guides us safely back to this harmony and Oneness wherein the shelter that we seek abides.

What follows is three pieces that in meditation I received.

The only power to be desired

Is the power to control ones own thoughts

And the restless ramblings of a mind unharnessed.

For a mind let loose causes havoc

Within and without.

To control ones self, is the greatest power of all,

This is Paradise.



Beauty falls sweetly on the eye of the beholder. A rainbow, a child squatting on the sand gazing at the world in a seashell, the innocence of youth, the peace of the aged, a mother breastfeeding her babe. An early dawn, the harvest sun, Arctic ice, heavenly music, ancient woodlands, rushing gasping waterfalls…all serve to inspire us.

So it is when the soul re-unites with its Source whilst in form that miracles happen. Miracles are merely unified action on all levels becoming manifest.

To imagine is to create on many levels and your thoughts so carelessly unobserved and discarded become reality manifest on the levels that resonate with their vibratory levels. Therefore- guard your thoughts well, make sure each is worthy of creation. Would you be proud to name each of your thoughts as your creation? You were created through My Loving thought and each of you was created carefully and consciously with qualities and character and name. When I looked and saw that it was good, I endowed you with one final gift, Free Will and within that holds all potential. All thoughts and words carry this potential and you are accountable for yours, their actions and their protégé. Thus-do not allow foul thoughts or deeds to clutter your creations. Create purely, using Love, Wisdom and Compassion. You have already created much on many different levels and the best, I hold for you in Love. So it is that when you gaze at a rainbow, hold it in your reality and remember it, that you may create a rainbow elsewhere for others to enjoy. Do you understand? You create on many different levels, awake and asleep. Where you see Love-you create Love. Where you see hate-you create hate. Therefore; always seek out the beautiful and if it is not always obvious to you-persist in your seeking until you do find it, so that all you create is instigated by Love.


 In your heart remains the echo of the ancient calling of your name inciting its response from you. This call goes out to you constantly and is in perfect harmony with your soul. It is your soul keeping, your own identification given to you at the instant of your creation.

This calling of your name never ceases. There is never a time when it is not. Be still then, and listen for this calling of your self, the naming of you that is your belonging in the great Divine Presence that is your home. Within this call is all that you are, all that is unique of you, all that you are created to be. Its sound contains the totality of your perfection.

This call reaches none other than you. No-one else can hear it but you. It resonates and realigns you to the Divine. It is the beacon, always lit, guiding you home to yourself. It is called in Love, by Love, for Love and resonates with the degree of Love you hold within you. A loving open heart that holds no grudge or ill intent will hear its calling loudly and clearly, able to follow its sound with ease even amidst the loudest external noise. A closed heart recognises its name not and walks blind in a world of vibrant colours, deaf to its beautiful voice and crippled in its movements.

Eventually all life must answer to its own calling and return safely to whence it originated. Then we may all know as some know whilst still on the earth that our concepts of ourselves had been as mere dreams from which we waken, emerging as the butterfly from the chrysalis blinking in the sunlight of the new day. Beauty that we had viewed as external now radiates from within and putting down the drab colours of our winter, we wear the rainbow garments of Being, standing in the full radiance of our Eternal Divine Inheritance. We stand in witness of the Divine Presence.

Sleeping, we had considered ourselves awake on Earth, we had been dreaming dreams.

 Creation is only a mystery when you do not understand your self and remember who you are, for in you is held the totality of All That Is. A child without the received indoctrinated knowledge of the world, holds all wisdom, all understanding within its grasp easily! Mankind mistakes knowledge for Wisdom, they bear no resemblance to each other at all.

This is Wisdom. Wisdom can be likened to a small boat that in making its journey through the water leaves no ripples in its wake. It is at ease with itself and its purpose. It asks not why-it knows why. Wisdom is the memory holder of the gatherers of experience. Wisdom makes no judgement and speaks of Universal Law rather than manmade laws, knowing them to be transient and flawed in construct. Wisdom transcends the physical, inhabiting Eternal Space. It knows pain, humiliation and human despair for what they are and feels none of their sorrow knowing their transforming nature. Wisdom appears stupid or misguided in the temporal world. It is the peace within that no man can shake or remove and it shows its majesty in courage, humility and endurance. It is driven by Love for Loves own sake. God’s wisdom is not mankind’s wisdom and mankind mock the wise from their standpoint of ignorance of Truth; but the wise man knows who he is and holds his own counsel, needing not adulation or applause. Wisdom is humble yet mighty. It is the servant yet the master of all. Wisdom is simple yet its parameters and potential for change are complex and profound. It speaks in a language we can all understand and is offered without care for its acceptance or denial.


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  1. May I borrow that prayer to share with the OHP Sisters?

    • Yes, you may of course. It would be delightful if someone other than me found it useful!

    • You have little idea how much your faith and enclosure; and all those around the world who are within the monasteries, strengthen and sustain me in what I do. Your prayers would be [and are] greatly appreciated in these times we approach. x

      • Whenever I read a blog, it causes me to pray for the person whose words I am reading. Some of the Sisters are cautious about the internet (understandably so) and others embrace it whole-heartedly. It is one of the joys and trials of community living! Of course it begs the question of just how enclosed one is when one is online – but as The Order of the Holy Paraclete is Benedictine in style, we’re both active and enclosed, hopefully with the right balance.

        I may – when I get to the point of leading a Mid-Day Office, come back and ask to use some of your meditations for that. It all depends on how many Saints’ Days fall in the week I sign up for.

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