REVELATION: The Second Revelation: The Twelve Cities

And I was shown twelve cities, all constructed of a different precious gem. Each city had a gateway within its outer walls and I was told that these twelve gates represent the ways in which the faithful enter the Kingdom of God. Each of these gates represents a quality of virtue by which we are known. Each city is surrounded by its wall and along each wall are twelve towers. Each tower is guarded by twelve angels so each city is guarded by one hundred and forty-four angels. Some of the angels held flaming swords, others trumpets and one angel on each wall held a scroll, written on which in fire was the names of all who were allowed into this city by their virtue. And these things are shown to you so that you may know the truth.

The first city and gateway is Gold. Its name and meaning is Love. In this virtue all others are contained and it is the primary gateway, the primary because it is the primal intention behind Creation itself. Within it is held the mystery of Creation for it is Love that created in its own image All that Is. It is from Love that all life comes and returns to its source. Love is the name of God and Love is the name of His Creation; its purpose being to love and create itself through love and thus ever expand the whole. Love of this magnitude is resided in the heart, the head comprehends it not. Love knows its own.

Those that dwell here have, through the purification of their small selves, transformed themselves into gold and have found and reclaimed their Divine nature and state. These golden ones have risen through their understanding to the throne of wisdom and have knowledge of all hidden knowledge, through their hearts. Through the fires of purification they have found enlightenment, reversing the duality by transforming the material into the spiritual and the mortal into the immortal. This is the philosopher’s stone, the alchemical work.

The second city and gateway is Silver. Its name and meaning is Wisdom. This virtue also holds within its truth that of Compassion. When Love created the All, Wisdom was present and was witness to Creation. She it was, who lifted mankind up and taught them her ways. To know Wisdom one must seek her with persistence for knowing the hearts of mankind she comes to those she knows are worthy of her teaching and those whom Wisdom loves, so does the Most High. Wisdom teaches the ways of truth, not mankind’s truth but rather Gods truth. In seeking her you may be graced with her presence, yet you must remain faithful always to her who knows the past, the present and can infer the future. The wise who inhabit this city know truth and compassion, dignity and constancy. They see clearly, no longer blinded, and speak wisely, not with uncontrolled tongues. They have mastered control of their thoughts keeping them firmly fixed upon God as Wisdom taught them and they act humbly and have no arrogance. They are righteous and their ears are trained to hear that which is real. And the wise amongst mankind find rest and refuge here, for upon earth they were the most despised and ridiculed of all.

The third city and gateway is Pearl. Its name and meaning is Transcendence. Here dwell those who have sought God through those things that were hidden. These seekers had to use intellect, sought diligently, had faith that their joy and happiness lay in discovering the sublime essence within the self. They were led and guided in their search by Love, Wisdom and Compassion. They have achieved the spiritualisation of matter, the transfiguration of the elements, their goal being self knowledge and self knowing. Here, many who had studied the stars and planets, the rhythms of life and the sciences dwelt if their hearts had remained pure and humble in their quest. In seeing God in other things they transcended, as they realised that God is within them and that He dwells within the Soul. Many who had followed a pure religious life, whatever denomination also dwelled here.

The fourth city and gateway is Sapphire. Its name and meaning is Contemplation. Here dwell those whose desire for God comes from the heart itself which endures with patience, purity and simple adoration. These dwellers sought not understanding, but presence; they wanted to dwell in the very presence of God. Seeking freedom from the material world they kept their eyes and ears and hearts firmly fixed only upon God and His Kingdom. They were sustained by a sure hope and led virtuous lives. They had sure faith in the enlightening power of the Kingdom of God and Divine Justice. In their contemplation they offered their prayers in intercession for mercy and forgiveness of others, confident in the knowing that God created All with Love; and that Love forgives all things when it is approached with humility and a true repenting heart. Through their good works, many were graced through these people.

The fifth city and gateway is Emerald. Its name and meaning is Realisation through constancy and perseverance. Those who dwell here have ascended the temporal and dwell in spirit. Redemption through repentance and realisation was their path. These dwellers spent lifetimes without reward, temporal or spiritual, preserving against all temptation of denial of God or hopelessness through a feeling of abandonment. Trusting in God’s magnificence and ultimate promise of salvation, they remained constant in faith, prayer and trust. These blessed souls have led many home to God through their example. Theirs is a particularly challenging route to take and great strength and faith was required to achieve their goal. They have through their challenges penetrated the deepest darkness and overcome.

The sixth city and gateway is Ruby. Its name and meaning is Courage.  Here, those who have died for their faith in perfect peace regardless of their denomination, dwell. If they have lifted not one finger or word, or thought of revenge in their hearts against those who have oppressed them then they dwell here. All those who harm others in the name of religious belief however are condemned by their own deeds. In this city also dwell those whose path to God has called upon them to invoke courage that is beyond themselves in varying life situations; the courage to speak out, courage to live on as a survivor of catastrophe, courage to challenge systems that oppress others, courage to live with disabilities and rise above their limitations. For courage is a noble aspect of God, when used to support those whom God has entrusted to them.

The seventh city and gateway is Jasper. Its name and meaning is Innocence. Those that dwell here have through simplicity and trust in God retained the clarity and innocence of First Creation and are as children in their purity of mind and nature. For children and creation are not born in or of sin, but of Love and Joy, and sin is a manmade concept and is not of God. Those who abused the trusting nature of Innocence have robbed themselves and can know no peace within their hearts and minds. In innocence there is great Wisdom and Love expressed, for to see the world as a child sees it is to see it how God created it, with its beauty radiantly shining forth. These are the pure of heart and shall see the face of God. As they are, you all once were, and shall be again.

The eighth city and gateway is Coral. Its name and meaning is Creativity. Those who dwell within this city create as their Creator creates, driven by Love extending itself, with beauty and vision, and draw forth from what is within them, for that outside of them to share and enjoy. Within this creation is the Passion that is Love extending and ever-expanding, the driving force behind Creation itself. The creative spark yearns to find manifestation in form and from on high the passionate dictate of expressive manifestation struggles against human odds to be birthed through these divine masters. Many angels flock around these souls on earth to aid them in their efforts to express the inner light. They live when on earth between two worlds, pulled between vision and expression of vision and their path is often unrecognised and unrewarded in these days of darkness. Yet it is their light shining forth through their work that often inspires others to seek the inner potential within themselves and thus they are blessed. Trailblazers, courageous the light around these souls is strong and sure in essence.

The ninth city and gateway is Agate. Its name and meaning is Compassion. Those who tread this path are the peacemakers of God and are blessed. Compassion is the grace of God, the grace of mercy and forgiveness through non judgement, through understanding, through seeing as God sees-through Love. Compassion is of the heart and seeks only the best in ones fellow humanity. And these dwellers have been viewed as weak by the world; I tell you that these are the strongest of the strong. Compassion is a powerful force that moves mountains and turns hearts from stone into polished gold. Compassion is a transfigurative force and in harmony with all Creation. Happiness and Joy: the natural state of Creation come through this attribute. Compassion is borne of Love and cradled within Love.

The tenth city and gateway is Amber. Its name and meaning is Incorruptibility. Celestial radiance is the gift bestowed on these dwellers, for they shine forth a light so strongly on earth that it acts as a beacon in the darkness to all who seek God. Steady, sure, enduring through a life of constant vigil, they wait upon God, building step by step, prayer by prayer the link that fuses the individual soul to the universal soul and union is achieved. With this celestial radiance flooding through, their faces shine as angels with God’s Love for all His Creation to see. Miracles happen around these gifted loving souls and many of your saints are amongst their numbers. Theirs is a life of service carried through into eternity without interruption. Theirs is a calling and a response.

The eleventh city and gateway is Diamond. Its name and meaning is Absolute Truth. The journey to achieve this is long as it is the path of self begotten wisdom, achieved by refining the base nature into that of the Divine. These dwellers have travelled a long hard road back to the absolute truth of who they are and accepted finally that they are the Divine sparks of God, of Love extending itself. Amongst these are many who have spent long periods in self exile, which you name hell, having condemned themselves by their actions such as was shown in the first revelation.  To know ones self is to know Absolute Truth and when known this truth is incorruptible. The diamond path is harsh and full of pitfalls for the soul, meeting each challenge leads to further polishing of the base self until one day it shines with a light as powerful and strong as the sun itself, reflecting its achievements with all the hues of the rainbow. Its task completed, it is strong and sure and reflects a beauty that is breathtaking in its enormity. The diamond once polished will never falter.

The twelfth city and gateway is Jade. Its name and meaning is Sovereign Power.  The path followed is charity, prudence, justice, grace, harmony, sincerity and good faith. In these are many cosmic and indestructible qualities that lead to Sovereignty; which is the natural state for those created through Divine Love. Herein lays our potential and our destiny. It is the way of righteousness, incorporating the transcendent qualities of benignity, lucidity, resonance, immutability and purity. On this path is recognised that one is immortal, and the realisation that God created mankind eternal beings within His own image and likeness. To become sovereign of ones self is the mastery of refining the base nature into that of the Divine.