REVELATION: The First Revelation

And my Lord said unto me,

“Will you do this little thing for Me?

Will you write this book and share with others,

these things that I have shown you?”


Every thought we have and every action we take

Becomes part of the collective energy of the Universe.

Stephanie Rudd


Authors Note:

I have come to the conclusion that arguing with God is about as satisfying and productive as one-handed clapping.

As far as I was concerned my Lord wanted this book written and I wrote it. Up to that point everything was fine. I did not see where my bumpy old life experiences were in the slightest relevant, or indeed that even readers knowing who I am had any relevance to this work either. So I left it out. This manuscript could just join the ranks and files of the anonymous works that litter the centuries. I did not want to put me in it. I typed out my manuscript and placed it in the envelope to be sent to Rev Peter Owen Jones as I had been instructed at the beginning. It sat brooding on the kitchen table. I busied myself ignoring it, and finding a dozen things to do in the house that needed doing-urgently. It continued to brood.

Finally the building tension got to me. I fingered the envelope gently so as not to disturb the contents which I was determined to send as they were. “There is more” said the Lord. “You know it is not complete”. Sighing; I sit at my computer, disclosing the part I did not want you to see. The part that speaks of pain and vulnerability, the part of me that is still willing to hide itself and remain invisible. The human experience.

So God and I have reached a compromise.

So here it is-the all of it. What forged me, what pained me, what developed me as a spiritual being having a human experience, my story in this process.  If you agree with me; the important part of this book comes first. If you agree with God then the rest of it about my personal journey comes at the end and is entitled “You shall not be overcome”.



And I was shown a very large book. It was heavy and three to four times as thick as a large church Bible. It was closed, locked with a large metal clasp and above this clasp was a burning flame, like a waterfall of fire.

And a hand appeared and released the clasp, saying, “Look and see what is within. This is the book of the End Times.”

The voice said, “Record these things that you are shown faithfully and tell My people, for though they drink water they thirst as if in the desert, and though they eat, their bellies rumble as if starving.” And the dawn rose for the first day.

And I saw legions of people, their faces and bodies smeared as if with ashes and they walked across barren unforgiving landscapes, mile upon mile. Men, women and children, all barefoot, there were thousands upon thousands. No shelter had they and no sustenance. Hungry, they ate the dirt of the earth and there was weeping and wailing. The sun was misted, hidden from full view by the ash and fog that hung over the face of the earth and there were no plants or green foliage to be seen.

For three days the sun never rose above the horizon, nor did it set at night and the sun, moon and planets had strayed from their natural courses. When men saw this fear struck their hearts, for the stars being out of their courses men no longer knew which way to go.

I next saw that mountains had been thrown down into the sea, vomiting forth the bowels of the earth and fire erupted wherever it landed. Lightening flashes joined up and lit the dimmed earth, blue and white it scoured the skies. The oceans spewed forth their fury, with waves higher than the tall mountains had been and the sea boiled. Lands were swallowed whole and people and the animals. No thing could survive the water when it came upon them without warning.

On the third day the heavens shifted and great upheaval came to the lands. Men cowered in caves from the tempest and winds that tore across the land. When next the sun rose it appeared in a different part of the sky and the mists were gone and the winds subsided.

Those who had entered into the bowels of the earth in their security bunkers perished and for them hell became their reality for none; no matter how well hidden can escape the wrath they have bought unto themselves by turning their face from God. But the poor and the oppressed of these times; these He had shown safe shelter and they praised Him with heart and voice. In their small poor shelters they had sought refuge and He had sustained them. The angel of the Lord stood before them with flaming sword held aloft and no harm came to them through flood nor fire.

And the Lord showed me the saved and those who had condemned themselves. The saved were robed in white and gathered round the Lamb, joyfully praising Him and their release from their oppressors. And the oppressors were naked before the Lord and He said unto us all; “What is in men’s hearts is what has judged them, they now reap what they have sown.”

And an angel turned the page and I saw a new heaven and a new earth and it was good. Men and animals lived alongside each other in harmony again and there were two suns that gave great light to the earth and she was fertile and abundant. And again the page was turned and I saw that for many thousands of years there was peace on earth. Men knew God in their hearts again and did not wage war or oppress each other again in that time. And thus it was as earth gave forth of her abundance that hunger and illness were no more and man lived to be several hundred years old as he had before.

And the poisoners of the earth and those who waged war for profit and the weapon makers and the men who had clever tongues and evil hearts and the ones who charged interest on money and the corrupted leaders of nations and religions who had made slaves of Gods children cast themselves into eternal damnation as they saw what they had wrought on earth. All that they had inflicted upon the innocents was inflicted 10,000 x 10,000 times by their own judgement of themselves, in their pain as they realised what they had done.

For the Lord said, “I heard the cries of pain and anguish of the poor, the meek and the peacemakers, of those that loved and honoured life and of the earth, and I heard the cries of those that had been enslaved for profit and evil intent and thus have I brought time to an end for the purpose of setting them free. Then said those damned by their actions in defence of themselves, “but we did not know what we were doing, it was not our fault.”

And the Lord replied, “I have told you that whatever you do to one of your brothers you do to Me.You have killed using the name of God and for this there is only sorrow for you. You have enslaved using poverty and lies, thus you are now enslaved. Your profits that you valued so much are now your losses and your lies are your bedfellows. You number amongst you those of all the religions on earth, you are Jews, you are Christians, you are Hindu and Buddhist and Muslim, from all religions you come and yet you warped and twisted the teachings and held no Love in your hearts for yourselves and others as you had been told to do. Thus it is, that you have condemned yourselves with each thought and action that harmed another in any way. You justified the slaughter of the children of the Living God as your holy wars and now you reap your rewards. Forever you will abide in your sorrow until you open your hearts to Love. And the door was closed and sealed, never to be opened again except through the loving grace of God.

And the Lord spoke of the future and said this, “Never again use the sacred texts to justify anything other than Gods Love for his Creation. For I am Love as are you and all that can ever be is Love. Guard therefore your hearts and offer only Love to your brother and sisters, for you are all siblings of each other, created as one by the Living God. This is My Way and My Commandment. Love each other as I Love you.”

And in my understanding I was given to understand these words from the Lord, “for the heart of the Church is not to be found in its body; for many there are who observe its rituals and profess love on their lips whilst holding dear to themselves the hatred in their hearts. Thus will I tear down the structures of church and religions for some are the deceivers of the faithful of God and withhold truth from them.”

And further I heard, “For the first shall be last and the last first; that is how I will show you these things. And I shall rise the least up to share in the kingdom, those who have nothing in the world’s eyes and who are despised and ridiculed will be the ones who inherit All. And they who have the world’s adulation and put themselves before their brothers and sisters shall receive nothing at the door of God unless there is Love in their hearts.

For insomuch as they have hated another, or spoken against him, or desired revenge, or abused their power, or had dealings with the darker forces or fed themselves but not their brothers and sisters, or have seen suffering and turned away, by these things are their deeds and hearts known.

The heart is Love and the narrow pathway is Love. There is no other way to be received home than through the Love you have within you that you have offered to all others; and your giving it outwardly is the measure by which you are known to Me. Love it was that created you, for the purpose and expansion of Love itself and in loving, Love is returned to you a thousandfold. In the end times it is your acts and thoughts of love with which you save or condemn your self, for you and you alone judge your self in these matters. Love has many mansions within it.

So fear not all of you who are hated and despised in this world that carry love in your hearts for all men; for yours is the inheritance of the kingdom and you shall be freed from your pain. And I say unto you all of your times now: can it be right that some of your brothers and sisters have nowhere to sleep safely at night and some of you have mansions where many could sleep safely that lay empty? And is it right in your hearts that you can waste food whilst some have not enough food to sustain them? And can it be acceptable to you that your bombs and weapons mutilate and murder those whose physical bodies feel pain just as yours do?

How can you think that it is acceptable to murder your brothers and sisters whom God created just as He created you? Do you think that you are above God? That you know better than God? For I tell you that God’s only knowing is Love for all His creation. These things that you do, sometimes even justifying it in His name, are not of Him, but of the misunderstandings you have created within your own hearts and that others have created on their behalf which you now believe to be true.

Can it be right that you plunder the Earths resources for profit? They are the resources that you have all been gifted freely without charge-and yet you charge each other money for them? They were gifted to you all to share to sustain you all equally. How can you think it right that now some have so much and most-so few of these free gifts? Where is the gratitude in your hearts for the abundance that earth gives freely to support you in her great love for you? Ponder upon these things in your hearts, for no matter what family, country or religion you have been born into-these choices are yours and yours alone to make and Love is your tally and your record.