The Ram And The Goat: Book Of Daniel: Final In Depth Exploration

So now we have peeled off the second layer and will look finally at what makes this a Divinely Inspired vision which speaks to us no matter what age we live in, what political structure we live under and no matter what religious system we have been born into and brought up under. We will look to see where Love is the common command; what will always happen when this is not lived in our every day dealings with each other as individuals, nations and religions; and we will see that it is this common theme of Love, which is our primary inviting force that unites us; and is the beauty held within our essence; and the glue that binds us as one in our diversity of appearances.

Firstly in this vision we have a ram, which is becoming more powerful, and we have seen how on one level it appears that the ram represents the true faith whilst the goat represents misguided faith. So the ram with its two horns; the true faith becomes ever more powerful. It was “butting toward the west, north and south. No beast could withstand it or be rescued from its power; it did what it pleased and became very powerful”. Why would anyone wish to be rescued from what is the true faith? Why would they wish to withstand it? The word butting means to push with the head or the horns. The ram has two horns, one newer and larger than the other, and we have seen how these represent the two aspects of faith, one passive, one active. In Hebrew, queren, means simultaneously horn, power and strength. But power can be co-joined with aggression. In the Jewish and Christian tradition, horns symbolise strength and have the meaning of a ray of light or a lightning flash. When Moses is described coming down from Mount Sinai, [Exodus 34: 29] “he wist not that his face shone”, the verb shone, translating the “horns” of light which the Vulgate says came from his head. This is why medieval artists often depicted Moses with horns jutting from his forehead. The goat on the other hand has four horns…and four horns of the altar of sacrifice in the Temple denote the four quarters of space; which means the limitless extent of God’s power.

So on this deeper level we have a ram [Church/Nation/State Power] that has become obstinate to the point of blindness that people, especially those who are awakened, wish to withstand and be rescued from because the power it holds over them strangles them and prevents them from being free to be who they are, to make choices, to have opinions, to live as they were created to live. The power has become aggressive and is dominating those it is supposed to protect and nurture, firstly outwardly…to west, to north and south, and then as it increases in power it turns inwards destroying itself and its own people. It implodes. Its dictates, its rules have become dictatorial yet at the same time it claims it is the one power, the one truth, the one true religion or democracy or the one with the higher moral ground. This then is its justification for instilling fear on others and its justification for its new levels of control of its own population to ‘protect’ them, to ‘keep them on the straight and narrow’, to defend them against all those who are ‘against it’. As it becomes darker and weaker and more divided against itself, this Church, Nation, State believes its power is ultimate; it is blind and then “a he-goat with a prominent horn on its forehead suddenly came from the west across the whole earth without touching the ground. It approached the two-horned ram I had seen standing by the river, and rushed toward it with savage force. I saw it attack the ram with furious blows when they met, and break its horns. It threw the ram, which had not the force to withstand it, to the ground, and trampled upon it, and no one could rescue it from its power.”

It appears the ram has now met its nemesis. That which has been viewed as the misguided faith, has conquered the animating fire of the ram which had weakened itself, it had become divided and lost its guiding principle; that which started with good intent has become twisted and malevolent. It has become driven by its lust for power and is now merely faith acting without its life force of LOVE. The single horn of the he-goat smashes the two horns of the ram. The single horn stands as one strength against the divided horns of the ram. The he-goat takes the ram by surprise, it appears from the west and does not touch the ground in its approach. Here is another clue; the east is compared with the west as follows: east=spirituality, west=materialism, east=wisdom, west=instability, east=metaphysical, west=logical, east=contemplatative, west=active. So now a period of materialism, science, and active rather than spiritually led life is to ensue, to become the dominant cycle that the world will experience. The he-goat does not touch the ground in its approach; like the wind it passes over the ground, like the spirit of God when it moves across the face of the primordial waters [named the Ruah] as it passes over the waters of the deep. it is a wind that brings the tongues of fire of the Holy Spirit to the Apostles. In Sufi mysticism the West is a world of darkness, materialism, immorality, decadence and dissolution. “From the higher sphere, I tumbled into the pit of Hell, among unbelievers and was held prisoner in the land of the West”, said Suhrawardi in his account of western exile. Sufi journeys start with a western exile which is a return to primal matter, purification, alchemical separation, a step which is required before reintegration into the eastern source of spiritual knowledge.

So this goat plunges the ram into the ground from above and tramples it; the spiritual life experience becomes that of the experience of separation from the Universal Soul which resides in the east; it is forced to experience materialism, and scientific thought which by its nature reduces the connections between all living things, creating a sense of more fracture and isolation. Logical thought is more valued than spiritual wisdom, thus Sophia/Wisdom goes into hiding and must be sought out. She will emerge in the black madonnas, disguised as black, dark, hidden, set against the shining radiance of the Mary Madonna. Even Shekinah loses her dwelling place, no longer able to easily inspire prophecy and becomes an outcast, distrusted, hidden, suspected when she breaks through. The Talmud reports that the Shekinah is what caused prophets to prophesy and King David to compose his Psalms. The Shekinah manifests itself as a form of joy, connected with prophecy and creativity. And so now in this age these people will be particularly persecuted. The age is an age of chaos, and destruction as the he-goat himself gains power repeating the same cycle he broke with the ram.  The age is one where separation is reinforced and all Adam’s and all Eve’s experience expulsion from their garden of Eden. All will made to feel that they have sinned and that they are not worthy of a Loving God and that they must appease this sin of their own, of their ancestors, of past generations back even unto the first Adam and the first Eve. The he-goat becomes mightier and its single horn is shattered and in its place “came up four others, facing the four winds of heaven. Out of one came a little horn which kept growing toward the south, the east and the glorious country. Its power extended to the host of heaven, so that it cast down to earth some of the host and some of the stars and trampled on them. It boasted even against the prince of the host, from whom it removed the daily sacrifice, and whose sanctuary it cast down, as well as the host, while sin replaced the daily sacrifice. It cast truth to the ground and was succeeding in its undertaking.”

This age sees the deliberate destruction of the truth, the truth of God-Love appears to go underground. Many who profess their religious following become contaminated within it themselves, and so the Holy Child of God that we all are, walks around blindly led by the blind. Four more horns come out of one and they face the four winds of heaven. What are the four winds of heaven that these four horns face? These four winds come up several times throughout the Bible:

Jeremiah 49:36 – The four winds scatter Persia
Ezekiel 37:39 – They breathe life into Israel
Daniel 7:2 – They bring out the beast from the sea
Daniel 8:8 the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven
Daniel 11:4 – his kingdom is divided to the four winds of heaven
Zechariah 2:10 – I have spread you abroad as the four winds of heaven
Matthew 24:31 & Mark 13:27 – He gathers His elect from the four winds 

In Revelation, we see horseman, one with a political agenda, one with a military agenda, one with an economic agenda, one with an environmental agenda, sent forth by the hand of our Lord, Zec 6:5 And the angel answered and said to me, These are the four spirits of Heaven who go forth from standing before the Lord of all the earth. 

These winds/spirits of heaven I think may refer to the fact that all is ultimately under God’s Supreme Rule, even the forces that appear to act against Him, thus the he-goat in facing his four horns towards the four winds of heaven acknowledges God’s supremacy over his actions and that judgement will come; and that he knows that once his single horn has shattered, his power too has dispersed, like the rams before him, and a new cycle is beginning.Wind symbolically is also associated with breath and consequently the Spirit, which is a heaven-sent spiritual influx, so I think this piece refers to the goats acknowledgement of the new spiritual impulse coming in. What is his little horn that grows out of one of the four horns and grows towards the south, the east and the glorious country? The fifth comes out of the four. Five is the number of the centre, of harmony and of balance. It is the number governing sacred marriage between the principles of Heaven and the Earth Mother. It is also the symbol of the human being which with arms outstretched on the cross appears to comprise of five parts, two arms, two legs, head and body with heart sheltered in the body. LOVE sheltered within, the heart sheltered within the body, the body sheltered within the Soul, the Soul sheltered within God. Five is the active number of Shiva the Transformer. Time and time again these symbols, these clues speak to us through differing cultures, differing religions, and thus give us a road map by which we can decipher the Word through time, regardless of tradition of origin. 

In summary then, we experience cycles of time, where traditions, cultures, nation states and political ideologies rise up in power, defeat others that go before them and then through their own actions bring about their own destruction, according to the laws of the Universe. At this particular moment in time we have some rather major pressure points building to a frenzy around our globe, politically, militarily, economically and environmentally all together. We have systems that are on the verge of collapse and tyrannies of all flavours and designs just waiting to unleash. We have religions that although they speak of more tolerance and understanding, appear to be actively displaying in their actions more oppression, less tolerance along with abuse and deceit with scandals rocking them open for scrutiny and just as with our banks…the sagas unfold almost day by day. Things are reaching crunchpoint globally and we all know it.

Daniel’s vision speaks to us now just as did to the persecuted Hebrews under the tyranny of Antiochus, when he wrote it. In each of these cycles, no matter the religion or culture, those who hold the truth that Love is All there Is, endure yet suffer great persecution and trials. True Love comes from the simple acknowledgement that regardless of your religion, regardless of your tradition and culture, each and every one of us who has ever lived, is living now or who ever is yet to be born; is the Holy Child of the Living God whose name is Love. Anything that serves to divide us will itself be destroyed. All actions that we take that destroy another, whether as individuals or in our names as by our nations and political systems, bring destruction upon our own nations and political systems. In our endless beautiful variety we are one child; and anything that acts against our Loving Creator, when it is intended to divide  by differentiation, English, American, Japanese, Iranian…or Jewish, Christian. Muslim…or Freedom Fighter, Terrorist, Hero, Enemy Combatent…all are swept away by dooming themselves and bringing destruction upon themselves. Be proud of ourselves and cherish our cultures, do not let them divide us. Only Love is real. Thus, we continue to live and make these mistakes again and again until finally the age is brought to its close and a new one begins. And when we want to change the world, we begin with changing ourselves into the highest vision of who we wish to be. Blessings. Stephanie.

 The following posts will be the entire manuscript of my own entitled Revelation, given to me over a period of 10 days in 2011. For readability it will be probably be posted a chapter at a time per day over 10 days, but because of size, in maybe two or three posts, per day, so make sure you read them in the right order! It is a mystical work; and I hope you enjoy its sharing. Since no publisher would take it on at this time, I intend to give it to the people as it was given and written for the people. Blogging empowers us. Thankyou God!