Can You Practise What You Preach: Would You Turn The Other Cheek?

Following from my last post and Amma; I am now going to post a very mystical post, that shakes comfortable assumptions as to what mysticism actually is in any timeframe. It is sometimes acceptable for us today that historic saints and mystics and ordinary people  have upset apple carts…because we see what happened after that and how things changed.  Martin Luther King, Jesus in the Temple, Ghandi…so yes this post is mystical and not out of context, as it may appear to be;  because it turns the tables upside down and is confrontational and raw. It challenges, and it makes us think. It slams home to us where our own weaknesses lie in this stated path of Love that we walk and it asks us to do something about it. It asks us for action and decision. It asks us to wake up and smell the coffee. It asks us to not travel down another comfortable path of hypnotic delusion that we are comfortable with-but to stop, check our pulse and say “no, not in my name”.

All around the world we see people who are emancipating themselves from mental slavery as Bob Marley would have said. People are standing up to be counted. People are feeling that they are One. That there are better ways of living, for all of us. So first a video. And then a couple of songs to inspire and remind us. None but ourselves can free our minds. It takes every single one of us to say no to economic greed, government corruption and fraud, war, and attack of others in our name, regardless of our nation or our religion. All of us. Different voices, different colours, different faiths, yet All One. We are Love. Can we turn the other cheek?

David Icke: “Shut Up!” or as I would likely entitle it; Wake Up!

And now a couple of songs to rouse and remind us:

Redemption Song:

One Love:

Bless Us All.











2 thoughts on “Can You Practise What You Preach: Would You Turn The Other Cheek?

  1. Religion4All says:

    Wow! Really powerful … thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    • Thankyou. As with many of us, Icke has travelled a winding path reaching many dead ends and performing many u turns in his voyage of discovery. But here, he has hit the nail on the head and gives a good delivery, I feel, of the notion of being true to what is within us, and being watchful of what serves to distract us.

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