Recognise Me In All Things

This piece was received January 16th 2001. It is a piece that deals with the doubts and fears that we all entertain within and is a reassurance that although we sit worrying about aspects of our lives; what we should do or not do…we forget that there is a guiding principle behind what appears to be random, that weaves our lives into one beautiful masterpiece. We are urged to relax and have faith, simply to be and that all will be well. We are also encouraged to give constant thanks for all that we do have, gratitude is attitude, and enables the gifts to keep flowing to us and from us to others.


Recognise Me in all things,

All material comforts.

The heat and light,

All things that make you comfortable.

Give thanks for all,

Your home, your family, your friends

And your unique gifts of spirit.

For in giving thanks

You realise all that is given you

And you are able to receive more.

Never limit my abundance

Or fear that I do not know

Of your needs and your wants,

For that directly limits

What you are able to receive

And my storehouse is limitless.

All that each of you does

That you perceive comes from your own actions…

Be it the work that you do,

The home you live in,

The investments that are your “security”…

All these things pass away.

Without My hand in everything

You would not achieve those things.

I leave nothing to chance; so that

You may experience total freedom

To explore, and love Me.

Approach Me safely Beloved

With joy and thanksgiving in your heart.

Play, My Beloved

For you-I created universes.

Play; learn of yourself and your divinity;

You are the child of God

And I know every hair on your head.

You are totally safe

For there is nothing that can harm you

In any way.





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  2. Beautiful.

    I noticed you write about Julian of Norwich. I live just outside Norwich!

  3. Religion4All says:

    I LOVE this :-).

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