Unity Through Diversity:

Your Religious calling was written on plates of stone

By the Flaming finger of an angry God.

Our Religion was established in the tradition of our Ancestors.

The dreams of our Elders that

Are given to them in the silent hours of the night

By the Great Spirit

And the premonitions of the Learned Beings.

It is written in the hearts of our people, this:

We do not require churches….which would lead us to argue

about God.

We do not wish this.

Earthly things may be argued about with man

but we never argue over  God.


And the thought that white man should rule over Nature

And change its ways following his liking

Was never understood by the red man.

Our belief is that the Great Spirit has created all things.

Not just mankind, but All animals, All plants, All rocks

All on Earth and amongst the stars, with true soul.

For us, All life is Holy.


But you do not understand our prayers when we address

the Sun, Moon and Winds.

You have judged us without understanding

Only because our prayers are different.

But we are able to live in Harmony with all of Nature.

All of Nature is within us, and we are all part of Nature.

© Chief White Cloud Talatwi.



Throughout the ages, great Enlightened Masters have been born as human to instruct them on their path to Spiritual Wisdom.  When one starts to study what these Masters have to say, the similarities are obvious.  From the Vedas of the Hindus, to the Gospels of Christ, the same messages of Love, Tolerance and Forbearance dominate the themes.  Amongst others, among them philosophers, writers and artists, the themes are seen weaving through their work, down the centuries.

 “Always think of the Universe as one living organism with a single substance and a single soul, and observe how all things are submitted to the single perceptivity of this one whole, all are moved by its single impulse, and all play their part in the causation of every event that happens.  Remark the intricacy of the skein, the complexity of the web.”

Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome.161-180AD.

 And also Krishna’s Dialogue on the Soul, from the Bhagaved Gita, circa 500BC.

 19. Listen and I shall reveal to thee some manifestations of my divine glory.

20. I am the soul, prince victorious, which dwells in the heart of all things.  I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all that lives.

21. Among the sons of light I am Vishnu, and of the luminaries the radiant sun.  I am the lord of the winds and storms, and of the lights in the night I am the moon..

22. Of the Vedas I am the Veda of songs, and I am Indra, the chief of the gods.  Above mans senses, I am the mind, and in all living beings I am the light of consciousness.

23. Among the terrible powers I am the god of destruction, and among monsters, Vitessa, the lord of wealth.  Of radiant spirits I am fire, and among high mountains the mountain of the gods.

24. Of priests I am the divine priest Brihaspati, and among warriors Skanda, the god of war.  Of lakes I am the vast ocean.

25. Among great seers I am Bhrigu, and of words I am OM, the Word of Eternity.  Of prayers I am the prayers of silence, and of things that move not I am the Himalayas.

26. Of trees I am the tree of life, and of heavenly seers, Narada.

27. Among men, I am king of men.

28. Of weapons I am the thunderbolt, and of cows the cow of wonder.  Among creators I am the Creator of Love, and among serpents the serpent of Eternity.

29. Among the snakes of mystery I am Ananta, and of those born in the waters I am Varuna, their Lord.  Of the spirits of the fathers I am Aryaman, and of the rulers Yama, the ruler of death.

30. Of demons I am their prince, and of all things that measure I am Time.

32. I am the beginning and the middle and the end of all that is.  Of all knowledge I am the knowledge of the Soul.  Of the many paths of reason I am the one that leads to Truth.

33. Of sounds I am the first sound A, of compounds I am co-ordination. I am time, never-ending time.  I am the Creator who sees all.

38….I am the silence of hidden mysteries, and I am the knowledge of those who know.

39. I am the seed of all things that are: and that no being that moves or moves not can ever be without me.

42. But of what help is it to thee to know this diversity? Know that with one single fraction of my Being I pervade and support the Universe, and know that I AM.

The words are beautiful, the terms familiar.  In my own guidance, The Unity, the fact that all is One; and cannot be separated from that One-ness, regardless of creed, is pointed out time and time again.

Taken from The Crystal Rainbow: (C) Stephanie Rudd 1995.


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