The Crystal Rainbow

In 1995 my first self published book, The Crystal Rainbow, was written and extracts from it were read out at the First International Peace Conference held in the USA which was attended by the elders of 72 Native American Indian Tribes, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela and other enlightened world leaders, seeking to play their part in the search for peace and the sharing of their cultural history.  That seems such a long time ago!

Extracts from that book follow:

I was shown a vision of a seed within an apple and told to think on what it meant. The following was what I was given to understand:

At first the seed seems insignificant in comparison to the whole apple, tiny, hardly worth consideration. It does not resemble the parent in any way, separate the two and we would not even realise that they belong together unless we are familiar with what apple seeds and apples look like. However, the seed contains everything within itself that has the potential of growing into an apple, it contains the genetic code that prevents it growing into a pear. As the seed it does not resemble the parent apple but it will do as it grows to maturity. It is independent of the parent in its own right, yet it also is the parent. It is kept safely within the parent until the time comes for it to be released. All is contained within the seed as potential.

 We represent the seed, the apple is Our Father. We are God in potential, but first we must grow to spiritual maturity. We may not always recognise that we are one and the same because we appear so different on the outside, yet within each and every one of us lies the “genetic code” that will guide us into exactly the right stages of growth at the right time. What we each contain is an aspect of God, just as the seed is an aspect of the full-grown apple. Each life, each experience is a part of the whole of God.


The light from many other worlds

Shines through the darkness of planet Earth at this time.

For the time is of importance for all the Universe.

The results of the experiment

Will soon be known.

This wondrous planet of apprentice gods

Has never been known before.

The Universal Energy holds its breath

For the finale, the homecoming of the prodigal Son.

If enough Light shines forth

The Love washes wider and wider

Expanding from Chaos

More planets of Beauty and Love

Into the next hundred thousand millennium

For more to experience, love and enjoy.

Man, created in Loves own image.

All That Is

Was created in Love

And Love sustains it.

The rhythm of the ocean breaking against the beach

Is a reflection of the waves of the Universe.

Rhythmic sustaining waves of Love,

All is reflection,

As above, so below.

Reflection and repetition

Reflection and repetition

The waves of Love

That wash over, soothe and rest

The troubled mind of man.