Written in 1996. Stephanie.


This is Wisdom. Wisdom can be likened to a small boat that in making it’s journey through the water creates no ripples in its wake. It is at ease with itself and it’s purpose. It asks not why, rather it accepts and knows why. Wisdom is the memory-holder of the gatherers of information. Wisdom makes no judgement, realising what judgement is and speaks of universal Love rather than man-made laws. It transcends the physical, spanning all space. It knows pain, humility and disappointment for what they are and feels one of their sorrow. It is earned through much pain and tested continually.

It appears stupid or misguided in the material world. It is the peace that no man can remove or shake and shows itself in courage, endurance and humility. It is motivated by Love. It makes all decisions in and through Love. God’s wisdom is not man’s wisdom and men mock the wise from the standpoint of their own stupidity, but the wise man knows who he is and is not affected. They say little on the subject unless directed to do so; for they have no need of mans adulation or applause.

Wisdom is simple. Its parameters and potential for development and change are complex. It speaks in a language we can all understand. It gives us all an equal chance. It bothers not whether we accept it or not. It simply is. What we choose to do with its bestowing is entirely our choice. And so at the end of all our searching we find we had never left at all, that all was as it should be all the way along, that we had merely been dreaming. We were playing and our feelings hopes and dreams were naught but illusions. We just had to realise it. It was only ever a thought away.



3 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. ofloveandcreation says:

    Stephanie this is Beautiful!

    • Oh thankyou so much! I am enjoying the process of going back over the words that have come over so many years too.

    • I am now considering putting my entire manuscript up on this blog, which was given to me over 10 days last year. It is a mystical work entitled Revelation. What do you think? It is perhaps the culmination of my work; that I don’t know obviously. I feel a tad of fear in the thought of putting it up; yet feel this is the platform to get it out to the world too. Any thoughts?

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