Have No Fear

Written 1991. Stephanie.



When besieged with troubles

A King used to call upon His armies to fight.

I now call upon my armies to fight-

In total and utter Love; lifting not a finger…

Which will bring about the transformation

Of the planet and the Universe itself.

How do you fight?

By total Love and acceptance

Of each human being.

Radiate that Love

Through your hearts and words and deeds.

Direct that Love to encompass the planet

And all living things.

Never allow destructive thoughts to enter your reality.


Remember as the Earth consciousness rises

So in balance does the negativity

And much of what you seek comfort in

Being familiar…

Will necessarily collapse and disintegrate

To allow space for the new.

Do not be disturbed by te speed of the collapse

It is merely a sign of how well things are going.

As the stone that starts moving gains momentum.


All is changing

Nations, religions, ideologies, economic structures

Are no longer relevant in the Age to come.

We need no such prisons

when we have no prisoners!

It is natural and foretold by some of

Your older brothers and sisters.

Know that I AM with you and by your side.


I repeat to you-have no fear.

For fear is the chain that binds you to the illusion

As nothing else can.

Remember that I AM with you always

So how can any damage occur to you?

You are free and eternal

As I.

We are One.



2 thoughts on “Have No Fear

  1. Religion4All says:

    Beautiful beyond words! 🙂

    • Thankyou. I have had cause to look at this one time and time again over the years, especially since 2001, and since 2008 the whole economic structure is also all over the place. Also here in UK, all the corruption of politicians etc has been coming to the surface over the past few years and structures here and in EU are really wobbling!

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