God: Passionate and Fun Filled

Written in 1999. Stephanie.

We can complicate our God as much as we please, but unless we approach Him as a child with openness, wonder and curiosity and real excitement, He can give us little of His vastness. If you seek Him through dry ritual and dusty relics, that is what you will receive. Wouldn’t you rather dance with Him in a thunderstorm, or be hugged by Him beside the crashing sea? My God is alive and well, thankyou very much and visible everywhere in everything. I couldn’t be doing with a part-time God. How can we mystics communicate this vibrancy to some whose hearts are closed doors, no longer beating with passion and joy? It seems they do not understand passion, and God is passionate about everything. Theresa of Avila and Julian of Norwich understood this passion as do I.

Passion is God- given and wonderfully human. It drives and creates. It moves, dances, screams, yells, it trips over, falls and giggles with the pure experience and sometimes the sheer silliness of Being. Passion gets results. It holds nothing back and cheats nothing. We equate passion with lovers and indeed this is a shadow of the real Love between Beloved and Loved, God and Creation. Passion is the pumping heart, the life-force and the essence of Being and Belonging. If you can live passionately you will receive fully. If you approach your Father with downcast eyes and submissive body language, how can you expect to be filled to bursting? You might break in that stance! Why are you afraid of your Father? Who told you to be? He is the most fun-filled Being I could wish to be with. All God is, Is Love.

You are His pride of Creation, His reason for Creation. You are His Beloved, dance then, celebrate, twirl around and show Him your new party shoes just as you did when you were 5 years old. Show off, grab His attention and hear Him clap His hands with glee, chuckling with pleasure and pride. Mystics are nothing if not practical people. There is nothing mysterious about the mystical path. It is pure unadulterated joy and celebration. A dance of and in Love. You do not need to be in a  church to meet your Father. Often He greets you in a snowball fight or cuddling an abandoned child.



Riverdance: Feel the Passion



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    This was absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much for sharing! Dance on!!!

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