Two Hearts Beating In Rhythm

Written in 2 Dec 2001. Stephanie


I try to vision the concept of my Creator’s dream of me, of which I am a part; yet it is not the whole of me, for I too dream of myself in response and a joyful union of being is known by us both. It is an endless romantic dance, moving in and through each others space, deep peace abiding, deep joy unfolding. I, Stephanie love my Creatrix with a response as an echo, as natural as the rhythm of breath or beat of my heart. Two hearts beat as one within me and synchronise their being in my life, which is an expression of the Divine love that our Beloved shares with us.



One thought on “Two Hearts Beating In Rhythm

  1. Religion4All says:

    A beautiful description of becoming one, and truthfully making LOVE, with our Creator :-).

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