Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained And Not A Single Apple In Sight.

My alternative version of the ‘Fall’ for you, entitled:

Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained,

written in 2011.



The experience we all chose to express and extend through our Being in the physical is one of Joyous Creation. Before we entered form, we looked at what the Earth had visioned for her glorious expression of Life and were captivated by its possibilities for us to join her, to experience contrast, variety and to create in the freest and most expansive way in her creative canvas with no limitations. We literally fell head over heels in love with Gaia’s vision, her beauty and varied expression of creation that would play out over vast canvases of countless millions of years. We saw the powerful thundering waterfalls, Arctic landscapes of blue ice and lumbering playful polar bears, giant ancient trees of rainforests, the soaring mountains, plains of grass and wildebeest, oceans teeming with colour and life from the minuscule to the mightiest humpback whales, dolphins playfully and gloriously rollicking in the waters and we so wanted to be here, to join with this joy and to powerfully create as well.

 This desire and wanting was so strong within us that we were enraptured and started to resonate with its beautiful vibrations so harmonically, that it became us and we became it. This is how we arrived, so full of joy, so over-flowing with love for creation manifest and our part in it that we could barely wait a minute longer, we were filled with the purest passion of  purest desire. This love we felt and our absorption into the beauty that we saw swirled  us higher and higher into spinning dizzy vortexes of desire and passion and joy that was just the start of what we intended to be our wonderful adventure of creation here, that would add to the whole; extending creation itself.

 We manifested into form arriving here to explore, to enjoy and to walk freely, creating that which we wanted to pull from the deepest pool of ourselves to add to the whole miraculous mix. We knew we were creators; and powerful ones at that. There could be no problems that we could not overcome, no choosing that we could not manifest, nothing that we could not do. And so we stepped forth to take our place in the glorious whole, confident, sure footed and knowing who we were and why we came here and what we wanted to do.

Little by little we observed limitation, we heard limitation, and we felt limitation and our knowing diminished. Form was a denser and heavier state to what we had been used to. We found ourselves contained and cajoled and prevented from stepping out into the whole glorious process by others who did not seem to understand us as well as we understood ourselves, those who came before us,  and we observed and felt doubt. What we focus on manifests and thus our doubt set a chain reaction going. One day to our horror we found we could not make things happen anymore, and now we felt imprisoned with no route of escape. We experienced hurt and pain and sorrow. We ached from the depth of our inner being for what we perceived as our lost hopes and dreams, and although we still believed that there was a way to our freedom; we had now forgotten where it was and how we could get there.

 We were still creating of course, but now more by default than by intention, thus the effects were too random for us to see and we recognized them not as ours. Moments of great clarity, truth and peace came forth to us again when we sat by a waterfall or hugged a tree, and we felt a sense of loss and sorrowed, for what? We did not know…a memory so far lost we could not call it to the present, an urging, a calling? But work and worries kept us from these experiences too often and the weight of our experience became the oppressive prison of our entrapment. Like wounded birds we fluttered our battered ragged wings trying to escape, to fly, to get out of the gilded cage we had put ourselves in, but we seemed to beat our wings against bars of containment whichever way we flew. Exhausted we sank to the floor of our cage sinking to our knees and when all resistance had finally been dragged out of us, and we lay there, beaten, dejected, and almost ready to give up completely in the situations we now found ourselves in; we gave out a cry that was so utterly powerful and magnificent enough in its pain and sorrow to reach past our selves into the depths of our true Being to summon help.

 The cry was a wanting bigger than any other we had managed on Earth. It was the true call of our self to our vast non-physical Self. We wanted with all our heart to be free, to experience and to live that which we had come here to experience and live; we knew that this was just not how it was supposed to be.

 Slowly we felt our life-force seeping back, the steadily flowing, and then as our wanting increased breath by breath and became a shout and then a roar of all our intention powerfully focused on this one thing; we knew again, without doubt, without limitation of any kind, that we were the most powerful force in the Universe and we knew that we could smash open our prison doors and fly free. We could be free to laugh, to create exactly as we knew we could and to laugh at any restrictions anyone or anything tried to contain our spirit with ever again. And we noticed, as we stood up and focused our eyes on those doors of our cage that they simply shattered before us. Empowered, we stepped out of the cage, feeling the power of our Being, feeling the very ground shake beneath our feet acknowledging us, and we stood feeling once again the full force of the wind of creation, as a gale blowing through us, now meeting no resistance. We knew in that moment, that nothing ever again could contain us as we now stood in our full glory, unapologetic and announcing our arrival in the world that had been waiting for us.

 The veils that we had constructed into steel fortresses around ourselves, through which our wanting had been frustrated, disappeared as though they had never been and gently we allowed ourselves to realise our own illusions. Illusions had been distractions which we had been focusing on, like the ideas we held that anyone or anything had any power over us, politicians, our nation states, religions and ideologies; all were swept away gracefully as though they had never existed. And we could see again with the wisdom of our Being and the want of our desire to create as we had always intended. We were destined to create in the image and likeness of the Great Love that created us. Thus we created to the highest vision of ourselves and we saw that it was good. The circle was complete.