God’s Loving Hug

This piece was received in 1990. Stephanie.


There is no such thing as separateness.

You cannot lose Me, and I

Can never lose you…

For, We are the One.

All the same Great One.

I evolve and expand through your experiences

And you share of all of Mine.

If on one side of the planet

You experience darkness

Can you say that the sun no longer exists?

No: it is all a matter of perception.


You perceive that I am separate to you,

Therefore in your reality: I am.

But, like the sun I AM always with you

Because I AM in you and you are of Me.


Think in more simple terms.

You are not always aware

Of a finger, or part of your leg

Until you damage it and it hurts.

Then you become aware

Because you are focused.

So it is that often you take Me for granted,

Until life deals you such blows

That you call out in distress

And feeling your pain, I soothe you.

Once healed, you again lose awareness

And go on in your own sweet way.


Think how much more comforted

You could feel all the time;

Of the safe and true path for you

That you walk;

If you just relaxed into Me completely.

Yet like a child, you blunder and stumble

Falling down and picking yourself up,

Until you reach adulthood

And know how to walk safely and surely.


Many of you have reached those first few

Tentative steps of adulthood…

And there is much for you to do.

I call upon each and every one of you

To work with Me

To help those brothers and sisters who struggle.

As any parent requests help from their wiser children.


I give each of you gifts

That are unique and special to you,

To be used in service

For the greater whole.

You are all My children

And you have the potential of greater achievement

Than the parent from whence you came.

Yet, like children, you still have very far to go.



I found this piece very comforting, yet remained pondering on certain parts of it for many years. The analogy of children is given to explain it in terms we may understand as our minds compare mentally and visually something we all know well. When it is said we are all His ‘children’  He is explaining that as we ‘develop’ and permit more of our own true nature of God into our lives, so that we may express His/ Our great Love out to the wider world, we have in a sense matured. That has taken effort on our part in the physical and a quieting of our small minds in order to allow this/our own great grace to work through us. We have likely had to work quite hard at achieving that. We are in that sense able and expected to help our brothers and sisters who struggle, even as we too struggle. For ultimate re-union to occur-All must go together as One. None gets there first and none arrive last. Yet this is a paradox, for in truth we have never left and there is no time except this single ever-present moment.

We have all been gifted things unique to us, that no-one else has and we are to use all these tools to serve others and follow God’s Will, and to try to build up the love within us to such a degree that there is no room for fear within us. That is the only way to reduce our fear…to push it out the way with greater and greater waves of Love.

The part at the end baffled me for a long time, how could we have more potential of greater achievement than God? This is another typical mystical paradox. Mysticism is littered with them. In the extreme sports of faith also known as mysticism, we are faced with ever more vastness to contemplate and incorporate into our being and it is often in our meditation on these paradoxes that the Holy Spirit simply picks us up, lifts us over our barrier, transporting us onto the other side of it where we may see that our understanding has been transformed and our understanding transcends. This can take a split second, it can take years, it can take a lifetime and is always a gift of Grace through the Holy Spirit. We call it Grace because we acknowledge that without this helping hand we would likely be stuck at these barriers for eternity! And yet the very fact that we are witness as recipients to this help, indicates a loving God who is actively participating in our struggles of understanding and one who wants us to know Him and therefore understand ourselves. The answers to this paradox lie in the expansive Nature and Will of Creation, in and through Love.

 We need to attend the sacred altar for revelation of this type of paradox, and in our constancy of presence and willingness, we may be gifted with understanding. And what is the sacred altar? It is our own sacred divinity within that we seek to be filled with our own divine potential, in a mirroring of God.  And as with many things in life, once that hurdle is jumped we look back and wonder why we ever found it so daunting…from the other side it looks easy! Julian of Norwich called this relationship a oneing, beautifully expressed. Embrace also gives us the ideas of it, Gods Great Hugging of Creation. And in this we see how, even when life gets us down, we are never alone. There is always One with our in-side. Which leads me nicely into the next piece, written in 1994 entitled: Alpha and Omega.


The spirit of God walks with us.

Ever upwards and forwards He leads us,

With gentle hands and soft-spoken words.

through our tears He sits awhile

The patient listener.

in our joys He is there

Sharing our smiles.

Against the enemies of our imaginings

He goes before us, clearing our way.

My God is the God of Love,

The father that is always with me.

At His dreaming of my being,

 He named me.

My Alpha and Omega.

At dawn of day and sunset of life.

I rest and walk in His abundant Grace.