Emmanuel Ignited

Written in 2012.

Welcome to your true magnificent Self. Welcome Holy Child of the Living Creator, in whose image and likeness you were created and sung by extension into creation from within the Sacred Heart of the Creator.

On the day that you were created all living things already created held their breath in awe as your magnificence was revealed. The angels bent their heads in reverence at your beauty and innocence and you were sung into being from the heart of the Creator. Your splendor outshone the sun and all life celebrated your emergence into Light.

It was deemed that not a single hair upon your head should be harmed, nor should you know death-for you were gifted Immortality. The crescendo of Creation, all power and magnificence was vested in you and all swore allegiance to this; the Creators Sacred and Holy Child.

You have a mission. Your mission is to bring spirit down into matter and in doing so to unite the worlds in conscious knowing of Being. Through you; the Holy Child, all matter is illuminated with spirit and thus you are master of all you survey; for it is through you that all returns to union with Creation enlightened, and filled with the everlasting breath of life for all eternity.

You will walk through illusion, you will forget who you are consciously; you will experience that which you are not; in order to know that who you Are. Yet deep within you at the core of your being is your truth that cannot be denied, the truth that cannot be defeated or killed. That truth carries you through the darkest darkness, the places most remote from the light, and yet you will walk fearlessly, surely, not losing your step along the way. You will seek the darkest places to find all life and you will return triumphant with all that hid in shadows of unreality safely escorted by you back to the Creator.

None but you can succeed in this mission. None but you have the power to do this. None but you have the remit and authority, gifted by the Sovereign Nature of the Creator, your Father. And thus it is that this decree went forth and all living things witnessed this.

Now is the moment. It is the only moment there is. There is only one Eternal Moment in which all exists. You experience “time”, yet time is an illusion. There is no back, forward, up, down, past, future-only the everlasting Eternal Moment which is now. All exists within this moment. There is nothing outside of it, all is within it, held safely eternally within the Creator. Such vastness is not easily understood by the brain; it defies what is known to you as reason and logic-and yet this is so.

In 2002 a series of writings of mine entitled the ‘Lightworker Series’ raced around the globe as I spoke of the Sacred Emmanuel Energy igniting in the cellular structure of all life at that moment in time, igniting in our cellular structure where it could not be destroyed, dampened or crucified, through Gods Ever Present and Extending Love. The Christ within igniting, Emmanuel-God with us. Here is a piece from the third series of that. It’s now time to try to get this out to a global readership again; as none can put out that spark which was ignited in us all and now burns brightly within us all, and whose work in the world can now be actively seen; in the movements of people’s demanding their freedom, in the rising consciousness of the people and in the collapsing structures as the age where no secrets may be hid are bringing all up to the surface where we all see the deceptions for what they are and can gently heal their illusion, and shine our loving light upon them, thus creating the new world, of bringing spirit down into matter. By passing this post onto networks and circles you can help.

From within me I shine out the light of Emmanuel, the Christ consciousness to touch gently and soothe each one’s troubled brow. I can feel His/Her gentle Love enfolding all and lighting their way. What blessed work I do! I remind all of the sheer joy of living, of Being in the magnificent Christ/Buddha/Universal Light. With all the Celtic immanence that excludes nothing, we are encouraged to sing, dance and play our Love into Being, not to hold fear and trouble in our heart.  The light bids to shine from within us all and dispels the shadows…of ourselves. Together we are the Lord of the Dance and we dance the spiralling dance of the free, the Children of the Living Light. With our dance, the energies rise and the devic kingdoms join us, along with the very Earth beneath our feet and the skies above our heads.

The Creator danced us into Creation with joy and Love and now we respond with the inborn rhythm within us. We are the Children of the Living Light, the Loving Pulse who creates and holds us within It’s tonal chant. As we move into place the tempo builds and the power surge moves ever forwards holding others safely in its embrace that join us along the way. It is as a great wave, eternally gentle, eternally encompassing, ever-loving, washing and soothing all cares, worries away to distant memory. It sounds like Ravel’s Bolero as it moves and builds in ever-increasing circles of quiet ultimate Power. Power that we would have shrunk from, but now in our knowingness of who we Are, we celebrate and joyously embrace. As we progress our faces become brighter and brighter, our clothing more luminous as our auras extend and merge until we are One again and know our Oneness. There are none who are excluded from this mystical marriage, this sacred dance that we are all partaking in, none too dark who will not hear its call, none that are not loved by our Creator who Loves All as Itself.

This is the Word, the Sacred Om, the Sacred Sound of the Eternal One, who calls all back to Itself in awareness. Hold out your hands as you pass, for all to enjoin with you, open your heart that they may know who you are and will not remain strangers anymore. We will pass this way again and again until all are dancing the same dance for there is not one aspect of Yourself that you would wish to leave out in the cold, abandoned and unattended. We are all One and cannot leave a single person out of our wonderful Love and Being; for then we would not be whole.

Know the elements within our quest, the air, fire, water and earth from whence we were born. the air carries our song on its breeze announcing our arrival to those who wait for us eagerly. The water refreshes them, no longer are they left in the desert wanting. The fire cleanses and empowers the fire within their hearts, giving them the courage to join hands with us and show and share our heart as One. And so we gather in our harvest, each and every grain, for none is wasted or destroyed. No single hair upon a single head is unaccounted for, not one feather or grain of sand or droplet of water in the ocean, All are known by name. Under our feet the world is transformed as we pass, and each time we pass in our dance, it can never be quite the same again. It is a transformative spiral, one that transmutes the philosophers stone, and we are the philosphers.We turn base metal into gold, the refining of all into its hidden qualities of purest gold. we light up the Christ within, not just one or two fo us at a time, but in all of us, in every single atom within all dreamed Universes manifest and unmanifest.

Therefore Children of the Light; be at peace within your hearts, for you are known and cared for. Your hearts are open and known and your time has come. You are the Children of the living God, the One, the Source of All of which you are and always have been. You are coming home; to find you had never left. You merely dreamed that you did. Loving ourselves back to Eden.

Bless All that come your way and give thanks for all. Gratitude is an attitude that opened the heart further and further until it encompasses all.  Give thanks constantly for all and share all that comes your way, hold onto nothing anymore. For by passing it all around , be it food, money, love, thanks, or understanding, the gift increases a thousandfold and returns to you blessed. Those who give freely of what comes to them are never impoverished in any way. Blessings.


2 thoughts on “Emmanuel Ignited

  1. Wow! Thats beautiful. Thankyou for that comment.

  2. mags says:


    I have found eternity orbiting the earth in the now.
    My Love for you is not in past days gone by,
    Even though I loved you yesterday and the days before.

    My Love for you is not held in future days,
    Even though I will Love you tomorrow and evermore.

    I Love you encapsulated in eternity
    I Love you this very sacred hour.
    I Love you in and beyond this world
    Eternal beautiful now.

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