Never Fear Change

This piece was received and written in 1990. It was the first piece I wrote down. I dabble in art as well, and over the years have illustrated this with illuminated Celtic designs for sale. It has consistently remained the absolute favourite of people and the one they always look at first. I hope it is meaningful for you too. The photo below is the Nature Sanctuary at the Findhorn Foundation, Morayshire.




Never fear change.

Don’t hold back for fear of letting go.

Change is as natural

And necessary to your life

As the dawning of the new day.

With the new dawn comes hope

And the blissful forgetfulness

Of what has gone before.

All life is movement.

From the tiniest bird flapping it’s wings

To the rhythmic swelling of the tides.

Yesterday is merely an experience

To be lived and let go…

Today is where your future lies.