Seek and Ye Shall Find

So we are wandering through my own mystical writings and revelations now, still focusing on my main theme of Love in all its various expressions; sharing a bit more with you all about me, my journey and experiences, and extending Love in action, the real-life encounters of our expression of the Love that created us, walks alongside us, and which we are held within. There is no place Love is not in action, our potential is to allow ourselves to both receive more of it and in receiving to extend more of it from within ourselves out in ever-increasing circles into all around us.

The great Love that created us, waits eagerly for our whole return to Its Presence and as we travel through life, it yearns and longs for our return whether we return in conscious awareness whilst still alive and in body, or automatically upon our death.

We all contain the potential to realise return and awareness within physical form, in the ‘here and now’. This is our Eternal Longing, echoing our Creators Longing of Us. The Christ yearns for brothers and sisters; waiting for others to join with Him in order that Jesus does not remain the only Son of God in realised form, that the Earth has witnessed.  This longing to be reunited drives us in life and inspires us, although many do not recognise that this is what they are searching for, or that their feelings of unrequited longing comes from Gods constant calling of them.  Sometimes in our mistaken thinking, we believe we have found it when what we have seen is merely a shadow, and after experiencing it we feel lost, somehow cheated for it was not what we thought it was.  Here is an inspired piece that was written in 1991. Twenty One years ago. The featured photo is one I took of the main sanctuary at the Findhorn Foundation, Morayshire a few years ago.


[Seek and Ye shall find.]

Love is the key to the Universe.

The creator and Sustainer of Life.

All Life is created within Love by Love.

There is no higher mystery than Love.

Love is mis-understood by the many.

It is not possessive; it sets things free.

It gives and gives without expecting return

Yet by God’s laws returns to its source.

The more you give freely, the more you receive.

Since many are taking at this time

Even more are needed to give

In order to maintain balance.

To give as much as you possibly can

There are things that you must do.

[Ask and it is given.]

Firstly; absorb the Greatest Source of Love

From Love itself.

It is an endless source and will sustain you.

There are no limits to its power or amount.

Second; relax, relax and open

No friction, no resistance.

Float in My Presence

Until there is no division

No doubt, no worry.

You are like a car firing on a few cylinders at this time

Only partially effective,

But with greater potential.

To give; you must first take of Me

Until you are full to overbrimming

And your cup runneth over.

Take what you need without guilt or fear

For all, only take that which they need

And any ‘excess’ is passed out to where it is needed most.

As children take from their parents,

So you must take of Me.

Lean heavily and trust

For that way you will receive all you need.

Do not think or rationalise

Or allow your ego to block your way;

Just float, relax and give in.

Make quiet times within your busy life,

Big blocks of time

To absorb and radiate.

Focus on nothing but Light,

Bubbling sparkling Light

And breathe it in slowly, intentionally into every cell

Every nerve, every muscle.

[Knock and the door is opened to you.]

Focus only on Light

Drawing it into yourself

Until you Are  the Light.

Shining pure Light.

At One.

To ‘function’ effectively

You need pure essential Light energy

Not the shades and shadows you are used to letting through.

You may feel very ‘drunk’ to start with

As you are not used to such purity

But this is only a passing phase

And you will quickly acclimatize.

Blessed Be.




5 thoughts on “Seek and Ye Shall Find

  1. Beautiful … I especially like the phrase, “Lean heavily and trust…” Trust in the Source of life and love. Thanks.

    • These words from my Lord came at a time of great personal difficulty in my own life; and I was having to lean pretty heavily and trust. It can be hard to do at times like that but in truth, it is our only strength and way ahead. I am glad you liked it.

  2. iamzion says:

    I agree…this a beautiful piece…thank you.

  3. Religion4All says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVED this … thank you for sharing, and moving me with your writings :-).

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