Theres More…Let Love Be My Lantern

Well here I am surprised. I had thought that this blog was completed. And in a way I guess it was. But each ending is in itself its own new beginning it is said, and now I am asked to put all of my own mystical writings up here on this blog for the world to share. Some little bits have been included in the posts so far. But the mass of work going back twenty four years or so have not been; and it would appear that the Great Love wants all of it up for people to see and share. I have come to the conclusion over the years that arguing with God is about as satisfying as one-handed clapping. So I surrender now as soon as the instruction comes. So here we go again: and could be going for some while yet! Love is my Lantern and thus I follow Love and surrender to its call.

This is a prayer I wrote for myself some years ago. Its impulse is to serve, to act as a light for others, to be able to be allowed to share what I am myself receiving. It was written in 1994. The photo is one I took in a little  fishing port called Portmahomack, very close to where I live. I like the symbolism of the big boat and the little boat safely tethered to it as well.


God, my Father and Mother

Whose breath created the Word

And became Triune:

I offer myself in service to my fellowmen.

Let my Light shine strong and sure

In a sea of darkness and despair.

Let my boat be safe for all who seek refuge

In stormy turbulent seas.

Let my map and compass

Be the words you speak in my ear,

And my plotted course be wherever you may lead me.

Let Love be my lantern

With Wisdom its flame

And Be with me always

This I pray.