Bon Voyage

When you start the Jesus Prayer, sit in a comfortable place, close your eyes, breathe steadily and slowly, do not strain in any way, and simply start repeating it. You will find your own rhythm. You will also find the version of it that you are most comfortable with. I started with fifteen minutes. It is a cleansing prayer too, so after a little while God suggested I just do thirty repetitions. Then it gradually increased again to thirty minutes. Then more than once or twice a day, and so on.

 You will find the level that you are comfortable with. If you are one for whom nothing much seems to happen, remember the beautiful story about the basket of water in the video. It is working on you at many different levels. Try not to be beguiled into a false sense of security in its apparent simplicity. It is a deeply powerful prayer!

This blog has been a journey which we have shared, the road of which is well-travelled by thousands who have gone before us. It has arrived at its destination; The Prayer of The Heart and in that; the circle is complete within itself.

And so I bid you bon voyage on your life-long journey with God in the Jesus Prayer, and I trust that through this blog I have fulfilled what God has asked of me. [At this point I felt there was no more to say and then came the instruction to put all of my mystical writings up onto the blog. June 2nd]

All experience that you now have, will be led and directed by God within the intimate relationship that will grow and develop and deepen. It is His Will for you that will be revealed, and all questions will be answered, all doors opened and all treasures revealed. This I know.

I have merely acted as a bridge at the right place, at the right time to offer a way across the river. You now know it was but a mere puddle. You are going home  and you are realising  that you never left.

 God Bless and Thankyou.


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