Waltzing With God.

The transition of the circle must be smooth. There must be no visible cracks between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. This process must be seamless so that none may tell where it ends and where it begins. The process of absorption is now well under way. It is an osmosis where all knowledge flows from the old to the new. As the knowledge is passed, so realisation opens ready  for  union to occur and the life force becomes the stream on which the information is passed. This intimate exchange ensures that none other than the Giver and recipient are involved, thus there can be no leakage. This is a further understanding of the term; “My Father and I are One”.

Each flow of information is given and received in circles, complete and whole within themselves. Once safely ensconced, the circle unravels to become the spiral, within which the information can be comprehended by the conscious awareness. The movement of this spiral enables the unlocking of the stream of information, [anti-clockwise] and the locking up for transmission [clockwise].

The stability of the circle is held within its central point, thus the stability of this process has to be held in place by the point from which all also emanates. The same movement is seen in the Universe. Its movement anti-clockwise is expansion, its movement clockwise is involution. In the space in-between is stasis; assimilation. The Universe breathes in…and out.  In the mirror world you live in, the clock appears to go forwards. The concept of time you hold can be better explained by it’s actually going backwards, re-absorbing All into Itself, into the One.  All journeys back to whence it came, from the Centre, the Sacred Heart of All Being. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One. 2002.

The concept of or life experience can be illustrated in a diagram mathematically; a Sangaku puzzle where the three circles touch each other and share a tangent line. This also represents our Oneness with God. Touching and sharing the same tangent line. But here we are aware that they are not within each other. They are pointing in the same direction, connected but maybe the smaller circle sees itself as being a different colour and shape not wholly aware that it is of the same One. It is perceiving itself as separate to.

As we enter the Heart of God through our calling we can illustrate the realisation mathematically like this:

Eight is the number of Cosmic Balance. Eight signifies Infinite Wisdom in countless shapes at the centre of Spiritual Endeavour. The Word is symbolised by eight. The Eighth day signifies resurrection and transfiguration and heralds the age of Eternity which is to come. The number eight is associated with the New Testament [seven for the Old], and thus speaks of the resurrection, not only of Christ but of mankind as well. Eight also symbolises justice, the final summing up and balance.

In music this three/eight time signature is the rhythm of the Waltz.  Here is the Blue Danube Waltz by Johann Strauss played by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra where you can hear what you have seen above. This is the Time Signature, the rhythm which you dance entwined in Love with God in His Heart. You and God dancing in celebration of your Being.


You have reached this point of your journey; because God  created you, nurtured you and Loved you to reach this moment whilst still in physical form. You are now acquiescing to dance with Him.  He invites you gracefully with a flourish of hand inviting you to stand and dance with Him,  to know yourself in Him, to merge with Him. He longs for you to know Him and the wholeness that He dreamt you into being.  This moment is perfect. You are becoming lit up with the Light that is flooding through your being. You are resting in the safety and comfort of God’s presence. If you listen carefully you can almost hear His breathing through you, feel His heart beating in yours. Relax, float, enjoy this ever-present moment with God. It contains within it, All That Is. His Love envelops and surrounds you. His Peace fills you. His hand is holding yours. You are not alone anymore. Your searching has brought you here, at the perfect moment when your searching resonated with His calling of your name. This moment is perfect.

The Seven Circles of the Vitruvian Man are contained within the One large Circle; which is God., making it eight. Thus the Eternal Life symbolised in seven is contained within the One God. Seven also symbolises its promise of fullness of space and time. If the three theological values of Faith, Hope and Charity are added to the four cardinal virtues of Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude we have seven values. As the sum of four [Earth] and three [Heaven] seven symbolises the fullness of the Universe in motion. The seven colours of the rainbow and the seven notes of the diatonic scale display seven as the governor of vibration, the vibration that many cultures hold to be the essence of matter. Clement of Alexandria wrote, “that from God the Heart of the Universe, emanate six divisions and phases of time”. This was the secret of the number seven: the return to the centre, to the First Cause, seven deriving from six, perfects the whole.

 Six represents rebellion against God, the perfect potential within this number may come to grief and this makes it the number of trial between good and evil. It is the number of days of creation and the number which is intermediate between the First Cause and manifestation.

The Eight as we have seen is Cosmic Balance and the resurrection of Christ and mankind. It is held to be the number of God. Creation is only a mystery when you do not understand yourself and remember who you are, for in you is held the totality of All That Is.

The six of rebellion, the gap between First Cause and Manifestation when added to the two gives eight. The two is illusory separation, between man and woman, Creator and created, us and them. Two represents duality, the basis of all dialectic endeavour, struggle, movement and purpose. It is the “seed” for either creative evolution or fatal involution. Remember two came from One. In the marriage ceremony it states that the two become One.

Thus these truths have always been around you. But know your eyes are now seeing. Your ears are listening. You are learning to sit in silent presence. And you are entering the Prayer of the Heart which embraces the experience of the revealing Presence of God.

Modern examples of the this 3/ 8 rhythm are also found in 3/4 time, as in country and western ballads, such as the one found below. Four is symbolic of the earth, the name of the first man and the sufferings of life on earth. According to Sufi tradition, four is the number of gates through which the adept has to pass on his mystic way. These gates have the following element attached; Air, Fire, Water and Earth. It is perhaps appropriate that these ballads of 3/4 time  usually talk of the pain and suffering of the human condition.


Thats it. Tomorrow we move straight into the prayer itself.