And so, finally, having adjusted ourselves within the state of centering prayer, and having begun to glimpse the vastness of what we are, we now take those final few steps into the ultimate private prayer, that will serve us for life.  Here we ask questions to affirm our entry into it.  What is it for, why are we going to be entering into it? I will be writing several posts leading us into the landscape of this private prayer now as we focus on the heart to heart presence that this prayer will take us deeper and deeper into.

Many people imagine that the first hermits decided to live in the desert because they wished to flee a pagan world, but this is only half the truth. The hermit, monk, and nun within us all desires to Love God above all things and so carefully puts down all obstacles that interfere in this process. For those who decide upon enclosed orders, this includes wealth, career, family, friends, and possessions. For those of us who live in the monastery without walls and operate in the world, we too put down things that we know by now, serve to distance us from Loving Presence; including aspects of ourselves that no longer resonate with who we are becoming, anger, hate, fear, revenge, impatience, intolerance, jealousy, pride, and we try to enhance those aspects within ourselves that open us to loving Presence, such as, love, compassion, tolerance, humility, patience, wisdom, endurance, courage, listening, becoming more attentive and trying to see God in all. We create within the desert of ourselves a beautiful oasis with care, and tend its beauty carefully, trusting that God will meet us there. We are creating a resonance within ourselves that in rising will begin to match the harmonies of Our Beloved, and He is actively helping us achieve this, for He too, is yearning for these meetings to occur.

St John of the Cross said in Spiritual Maxims nearly 500 years ago: “Live in the world as if only God and you were in it; then your heart will never be made captive by any earthly thing“.

 Before we start practicing this prayer we have many things that we must be aware of in preparation for this Holiest of encounters. We must search our hearts deeply and see where our longing lies. But first a few words about sin. On the videos which I will be posting and in many that you will find for yourself as you explore, you will hear much mention of sin. There is much talk about sin throughout the Church in general, and the philosophy and theology of it within the Church, originates from Alexandre of Hippo. He developed his own approach to philosophy and theology and was the one who framed the concepts of original sin, just war and that the grace of Christ was indispensable to human freedom,all of  which were adopted into Church thinking as he became very influential. He worked tirelessly for the Church and wrote over a hundred bound volumes on a whole range of issues; and his work  ‘On The Trinity’, in which he developed what has become known as the ‘psychological analogy’ of the Trinity, is also among his masterpieces, and arguably one of the greatest theological works of all time. Most people know him as the author of Confessions.Because the concept of sin is a major cornerstone within the Western Church, we must be extremely careful when we watch and listen to these videos that we do not become hooked into the concept of sin, as what we perceive as sin. The early version of this prayer makes no mention of sin, and that is the one I resonate with, it is known as the short version. The ‘sin’, the long version was tagged onto the end in the 2nd century.

 I want to put forward my own experience and teachings here, because I can only speak truthfully of that which I know and have received myself. I trust that God reveals to each in His own way according His knowing of them. So by this, I do not intend to enter into theological argument, I simply state by truth as I have been given it and share it with you.

  The word sin is one that has mutated in meaning over 2000 years and I suggest  better words of my understanding of what was meant by it are misperception, mistake, and forgetfulness. I understand the word sin in the here and now to be something that we have done wrong and this simply is not my experience of what I have been told or seen in vision.  Like Julian of Norwich, I see no sin. I see Love. And I see Compassion. And I see a Love so vast and all-encompassing that it simply Loves through all, in all. I do see our sorrow, as we move closer to God, for the things that we then feel we may have done better, put more thought into, been more aware of, and I see  our pathos as we realise that we could have recognised this vastness earlier, had less doubts, or simply been ‘better people’. But I see no sin.

For me; God is Love and Only Love and only recognises Love as Real. All else is not seen by him as it does not exist. God sees only that which is Real. Within the Third Revelation from my book, there is a passage which says this. As you read this please remember the visual images of the video Water The Great Mystery in a recent post, entitled Every Word is as a drop of Water,as it will serve to remind you how emotions and feelings energetically create harmony or disharmony within all things, right down to their basic structures.  If you did not watch this video, could I ask that you go to it and  watch it now, before you go any further please? The videos I post help illustrate and illuminate issues further, thus it helps to follow the stream as it were! Here is the link again. It takes an hour and a half, but really is pretty vital to grasp the enormity of what it shows us before we go any further. This video also highlights why for me, I use the short version of the prayer we are entering as opposed to the long version. Once you have watched it, then please follow on below. Thanks.

Water: The Great Mystery:

As children of Loves creation, made in Its own image and likeness, we also create; and what we create is of our thoughts and our feelings. This experience of  our creation is however an ‘illusion’ within the Absolute Truth of Reality, but it is a very convincing and real illusion that seems, appears and feels like fact to us, whilst it resonates and vibrates with the vibratory level of our small self. This is what we experience as ‘us’, our world and our everyday living. At this level, it is hard for us to see the bigger whole of which we are a part, it can seem invisible to us, we can lose the memory of our Divine Nature and forget that what we think and feel, impacts on our vibration, experience and ‘reality’ with the small ‘r’.

The struggle between our small self and our Divine Inheritance has been called temptation, the devil, sin, all concepts which if anything have served to alienate us further and reinforce our mistaken perceptions of separation from God. Over the years this has led to much fear, with many people ‘hiding’ themselves from God and believing in their misperception that, as they are so bad, sinners, unworthy, that God must be appeased. Thus God has become a distant remote figure, whose love and approval can only be gained by complex ritual, structures, intercession and following a certain religion. This has caused further reduction in vibration, which in turn leads to further isolation from the Truth and the knowing of the Loving God.

This has been described as descent, yet that is not what it is. Descent, fall implies that we have become somehow ‘less than’ what we were at some point in time; and this is illusion: not Truth. We are what we have always been and were created to be in our wholeness, but in the experience of expression in our physical form; we have forgotten increasingly more and much has been hidden from us, regarding our true identity, by those whose temporal agenda was power and wealth, and whose interests were best served by increasing our ignorance of our Divine Nature. These truths are still veiled from a lot of humanity.

When something vibrates at the same frequency as another thing, there is resonance and when there is resonance there is likeness and harmony. In Genesis, the depiction of the Garden of Eden depicts this original intention of harmony. There was enough likeness between vibration between the individual soul and the Universal Soul for them to  ‘know’ each other and to live in love, wisdom and understanding, walking together and seeing each other. The small self, the physical expression that we call us, lost fractionally, its vibratory level in its experience  of individuality versus the Oneness, and in this, the first dis-resonance happened. Over time this dis-resonance grew, the concept of individuality and separation grew and in place of Love, Wisdom and Compassion being the default position of human nature:the small self grew to have a standing of importance over Divine Nature, by trying to ‘fill the gap’ it knew was now there. It is within this small space created by this dis-resonance that all acts that are dis-resonate with Love, can happen: but only on this level of illusion. In the prayer we are moving towards we are invited to bridge that gap. God has invited us and we are hearing enough to be able to respond and answer in acquiescence of surrender. Thus we move towards fulfilling the injunction of St Paul to the Christians of Thessalonica, to “pray without ceasing”. In this we seek direct experience of God. In this seeking, we have been led to seek by God. Let us not forget that.

God did not create death. God did not create war or any number of things that occur, that we experience. Those things are what we have ‘created’ in our dis-resonance and belief in our illusion, our misperception. With the combined misperceptions that we are separate to God and that we are separate to each other, we have created a world that now; even we are seeing, is chaotic, out of control and one in which we are finding it increasingly hard to find any place of true shelter. We are finding that we are now increasingly dis-resonant with the Earth we live on, yet do not see the link between our thinking, our feeling and our creating the violent responses mirroring back at us, from the planet, from our societies and nations. 

 It is Love, Wisdom and Compassion that hold the vibratory levels that we must re-harmonise ourselves with. We have not sinned as we understand that word in modern times, rather, we have simply forgotten, misinterpreted and experienced mistaken thinking during our efforts to return to the harmony and home of our Beloved Heart.  Yet above all else we must hold true that God only sees us as He created us, for only that is Real, and all else has been created of our illusions. When we achieve this realignment of vibration, as Jesus did, we merge with the Christ and truly work as we were created to; in bringing ‘Heaven down to Earth’. Thats worth a promise working for!  More to come.