Are You Ready To Fly?

My Purpose and  Intention: Written in 2002

I have no other purpose in Life other than to Be; and through my Being the highest vision of myself that I can; I enable the Christ Consciousness to reach down through the multi layers of my being, down into the Earth itself, who gifted me my body.

My body is a holy vessel that can be filled to over-flowing with this Divine Presence, as witness to Creation. My highest vision of  who I AM is Love, peace, beauty, compassion,light, joy, wisdom, truth, forgiveness and creation.

In embodying these I light myself and thus the world.

Now I choose to embody these aspects of my self with more conscious awareness and living presence.


Are You Ready To Fly?: Written in 1998

There is so much I would say to you, share with you. What counts now is the Love that distorts not. Are you big enough? We shall now discover the truth behind what we believe to be true. Are you as dedicated as I? Are you ready to shine your truth outwards in honesty and vulnerability? Are you flying with My Soul in perfect joy and trust; or wistfully looking back over your shoulder at your illusions, still wanting to play there? Do you believe? Do you know? Have you seen? Do we walk together? Do you fear the heat or do you welcome it, knowing its flames are cool?

Are you ready to step through, losing all that is false and thus gaining all that is Truth? How much do you want Me? Can you be distracted? Are you now ready to open and share your soul? Are you ready to laugh at fear, all fear, every single fear you have cultivated in your physical reality, to recognise your Divinity as well as Mine? The raging river is a mere puddle my Love, and I would that you will cross it with Me;for you will see it is but a footstep.

Are you ready to fly? You have been ready for so long. I give you My hand and ask you now if you will trust Me enough to walk through those flames, and cross that river, by My side. Once again you have full choice and free will. If you are not ready, we will visit this place again and I will return for you again and again until you are ready. My Love protects and surrounds you. I have never left you, although you perceive that I have. Let go of your fear, for I have none. I do not acknowledge your fear, for in Truth, it does not exist, except in your physical shadowed  illusion of yourself. All you need is Faith the size of  grain of sand.

Do not fear Me Holy Child, for in truth I say to you that I have nothing that is not yours also. There is nothing about you I do not know. There is no darkness that I cannot see clearly through. You are Love; just as I; and I will call you quietly. I will never cease calling. Waken My Love, for you have slept for too long. Waken and remember. Waken and know Me. Waken and Be Love. You have dreamt your nightmare for too long. Waken.