Through Love, With Love, In Love, For Loves Sake.

I wrote this piece a year ago as part of a book entitled ‘Revelations‘. Today, it seems appropriate to include it in this blog. This is the Tenth Revelation.

This morning the Lord woke me at three am; urging me to go outside and be witness to the sunrise. He invited me to just sit, watch, absorb it in all its beauty. As the colours changed and deepened in colour from pale pink to deep crimson, from pale yellow to amber, and the softest lilac to a deep mauve, I also became aware of the sounds of the birds in our garden and the traffic passing along the A9, the road that stretches up right to the northern tip of Scotland. I was aware as I noticed the cool air, of the feelings and excitement of these early hours of the day that I usually only see on the days when I set out to travel the five hundred and fifty miles south to see my parents, my children and grandchildren who live in Norfolk, England. Those feelings of anticipation, excitement, and freedom of travelling on the open road towards a destination that I know very well; with my heart reaching out to them long before I arrive. I could choose to fly, but I prefer to drive for a couple of reasons; firstly I enjoy that journey and the unexpected encounters with ‘others’ I may never see again, fellow travellers in the in- between places. These encounters share a camaraderie that belongs to the sharing of long journeys, the mutual tiredness and sense of achievement, and the places of meeting where none of us belong. Secondly I am usually heavily laden and flying restricts me on my baggage!

The Lord laughed as He showed me the connection between that, all those associated feelings, with our journey we call Life. We arrive here feeling excited, eager, longing to travel life with anticipation for all the rich encounters with others along the way and the potentials those encounters hold within them of receiving and extending our love. We know our destination and those we will meet there. We encounter traffic jams along the way, when nothing in our journey seems to move and we seem to be stuck, going nowhere, stretching to look out of the window to see any clues as to the holdup, drumming our fingers on the wheel, huffing away to ourselves in frustration at the delays. When a small movement occurs we leap into action, keen to move, only to come to a grinding halt a few feet later. Know the feeling? Grrrrr. When eventually the traffic does move and smooth its way forward properly, more often than not we cannot even see the cause of what held us up in the first place.

We know when we arrive at our destination there will be people we love, yearning to see us who will welcome us, refreshing us for our efforts to get there to be with them and we know that at that beginning, there will be that great time of eager animated ‘catching up’, that sharing of all we have seen and done, since last we met. In the travelling, our senses are heightened and we become keenly aware in an almost animalistic way of the smells, the sounds, the freedoms, encounters; the thrills of a Soul fully alive and alert within us at this great new adventure.

When I leave here to travel, there are contrasting emotions between those I leave and those I travel to join with. My husband knows that he will miss me, will feel alone and yearn for my return. My family down south yearn for my arrival there. Then on my return, it is their turn to miss me and his turn to eagerly await my being with him again. And so it is with life. The great Love that created us, waits eagerly for our whole return to Its Presence and as we travel through life, it yearns and longs for our return whether we return in conscious awareness whilst still alive and in body, or automatically upon our death. It calls us by our ancient naming consistently; Its great knowing of us. This Great Love sustains us whilst we travel far from our homelands, surrounding us with its Love, no matter how long our individual journey takes, nor whether we travel to light filled or dark places. We are assured of Our Love’s welcome when we arrive home, heavily laden from our travels. We will be tired, worn out with the effort of it all, saturated as dripping sponges with experiencing; yet our efforts have given us so much to share as well and we have much to ‘catch up on’.

When I travel, when I leave my home in the Highlands of Scotland, I leave my beloved husband whose total and constant loving presence in my life illuminates it and enables the dull stone of physical to reflect its shining diamond heart of Soul. We see each other as God sees us and in this, lies the heart of our sacred beautiful and love filled marriage. I leave the vast beauty of the Highlands whose beauty and belonging tugs constantly at my Soul and fills me with joy and awe every second of the day. I travel to the home where I grew up, married, had my children and lived for many years. Both places exert a call of home to me in differing ways, both are familiar, at both places are people whom I love dearly, people who are in my heart and held in the embrace of my loving and blessing. 

I know this place where I live, it is as familiar to me as my own name, and I know the place where my family live. The ‘in-between’ bit in the middle is not familiar to me. I do not recognise its landscape, place names or accents of  it’s people. It is strange to me, yet invites my curiosity and exploration. It can be where the unexpected happens, adventure, discovery beckons in this place between places. In it, I cannot take it for granted, I must remain alert, ever-present and pull deep upon what is inside me, my tally of experience in order to get through this place and reach my destination. I can get lost in this section of my journey if I am not watchful and careful, whilst remaining willing to embrace its  revealing of things unexpected. It is unfamiliar to me, not known to me.

And so it is with life. It can be easy to get distracted and lose ones way and direction of travel in the middle section of our journey, the midpoint between where we came from and where we are headed. But when we were created, our return to Love was guaranteed. Though we may feel that we travel far from its safe embrace, we always know where that home is and we know how to get there. In our individual experience of the in-between places of our journey, we have freedom to explore and express ourselves. Our return to One-ness is guaranteed and that is where the larger part of  ‘us’ remains, abiding eternally within that peaceful state of God, whilst our physical form enables us to experience Loves expression of Itself.

Our hearts are vessels of and for Divine Love. It is the love that we share, the love that we express, and the love that we allow ourselves to receive during life which is the means by which we measure our life’s experience at forms ending. It is the love that creates our deepest warmest memories, it is what keeps track and records our journey. It is in our loving that we have the potential to express most perfectly who we are, where we came from and where we are going to. It is the means by which through receiving and extension we may bring heaven down to earth, allow ‘Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, and enable the Christ to enter us and merge with us; so that there is no ‘other’. It is the greatest law; the primary law and surpasses all others. It is the meaning of life and lifes answer to its own creation. It is the eternal echo between Creator and Creation.

Most of us have asked two questions of the Universe. “Where did I come from?” and “Why am I here?” These are the two questions that have been on the lips of mankind since he appeared in physical form. The answers are very simple. You came from and were created by Love, the Name of God, and you are here to express and extend all of that Great Love you are, in the world of physical form at Love’s Bidding, By Loves Desire and for Loves Sake. In your Blessing of Life, of all Creation, you bestow the Divine Imprint of Love.

God Is Love. God only sees Love for only Love is real. All that is not real does not exist except in illusion. In the physical form you are free to choose what you experience and mirror outwards from yourself. Will the illusion of fear catch you out as you respond to something or someone? Choose again and turn your face towards Love. Keep turning towards Love, every time, in every situation;ask yourself: What would Love do in this situation, how would Love deal with this? No matter the power of your misperception and illusion, no matter how compelling it appears; [which is what we are actually doing when we ask for the Mercy from God: to right our wrong perceptions]; fear is not real. Only Love is Real. Nothing can destroy You, not even death. For you, the Real You not just the physical form that you call you; is Eternal and is Love Itself.

You are born into this world bestowed with the opportunity and potential to extend the innocence, purity and Love of He who created you, and where the largest part of you-the Universal Soul remains resting in God Eternally. You depart this physical expression of form in love to rejoin with Love, a reunion in Love. Choose Love; live as a child in your innocence and beauty, confident in your self and your Loving. For children are close to the Kingdom of God. They know they have never really left it.


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  1. SaintlySages says:

    The last two paragraphs very eloquently express the heart of moral theology. Great work! You book looks to be quite remarkable.

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