Our Every Word is Like A Water Drop.

We have looked at how Celtic Spirituality embraces all life; and sees all as connected intimately at every level. Within this is also the acknowledgement that what we do, think and say personally, has an effect on everything else. Our responsibility lives here. We are a part of the whole vast mystery of Creation, that cannot be filled by any other than ourselves, and this also holds true for every other living thing. Thus we offer blessings and grateful thanks to all life and aspects of life, including inanimate objects such as rocks, mountains, minerals as well as the elements of water, air, fire and earth. Celtic thought is that God exists in all these things, that God is immanent-in all things, including us. We can therefore give thanks and blessings for all things that God has created and cultivate and work on developing more loving thoughts, deeds and actions which on leaving us ripple out to affect all things in positive affirming ways and serve to pull us deeper and closer to states of being which are more receptive in cleaving with God.  Prayer,  Gratitude, Love and Blessings affect all things. Would you like to see the physical proof for that; as well as the intangible evidence?

To show us exactly how deeply our thoughts, words and deeds, affects everything else including the elements we live amongst and depend upon for our survival; I cannot think of any better example than this amazing film. It was sent to me by a young man this evening, a friend of my youngest son. My heart leapt as I watched it; for two reasons. Firstly; for the first time that I have come across, what many of us throughout the ages have been saying, trusting and believing, within and without our religions and spirituality as stated above, is now researched, discussed and being proved by science in the most awesome ways. Whilst I have seen some research done in the past, this film marries it together in a way that is truly miraculous. Thankyou to the film makers. And secondly for this link to have come to me through a young man inspires and heartens me for the future. Thankyou Marcin.

The film will take an hour and a half of your time. I watched it in fifteen to twenty-minute chunks as I was cooking supper. But every minute of watching will be worth it. In this film, doctors, scientists, religious, systems experts all show us and talk about what research has finally illuminated as to the inter-connectedness of all life.  Seventy per cent of our bodies are made up of water. You will see the effects that our words and/or emotions have on the structure of water. You will see and hear the results of prayer and sanctification on water and see what holy water looks like in its molecular structure. You will see how people affect each other up to 15,000 km away from each other.  It is said; “The system of the Universe exists as a single perfect organism. All of its parts, including us and our Earth are inseparably bound together by huge streams of information. And on our planet, water plays the key role in how the information is exchanged. It is the medium by which all Nature is governed.

I hope you enjoy every unfolding revealing minute. It may be one of the best things you have watched in your life. It is 20.23 GMT so I am going to post this now, in order to give my American and Canadian followers the chance to watch it this evening. No post tomorrow. See you all Friday.

Water: The Greatest Mystery