I Spoke To You At Your First Love; Be Still, Know That I AM God.

I spoke to you

At your first Love.

Be Still

Know that I AM God.


The Love that passeth all understanding. A Divine Love so beyond human comprehension; that it creates through extension of the Sacred Heart itself ; everything from the smallest butterfly to infinite Universes. Thus throughout eternity; all that has existed, does exist, as well as all that is yet to manifest, is created in Loves own image. With Love, Through Love, In Love, each of us, as well as all else, was dreamed in exquisite detailed perfection and made manifest to experience the expression of Divine Love; by the Power of the Heart of God. Our lives contain the potential to demonstrate in living, this perfect extension of  Love through grace. We can emancipate its embrace to extend, through our daily active awareness in our ever-present opportunities of  encounters, friendships, compassion, forgiveness, blessing;  and in doing so, offer our daily living as a conduit of Love between creation and Creator.

Loves’ invitation is integration. Integration requests surrender, the softly yielding offering up of our small self to the Will of the Divine. We have free will; a gift bestowed with our creation, yet we reach a stage where our small will can no longer suffice in our lives, as we begin to see as the Soul  sees, the shining comparison of the small will with Divine Will. Our small will is no longer enough, and is realised as a mere shadow of our possibility, our seeing we realise is but as through a veil.  We realise it’s limitations and restrictions impinging on the birthing Christ Consciousness that yearns for liberation and expression within and through ourselves, in order for joyous integration to occur.

This spiritual development is the combination of the many aspects of God, shrouded in mystery to us in our limited understanding: yet we can see His constant ancient calling of our name joining with the transformative fire of Holy Spirit at work within the Soul here, with its purgative element facilitating our transcendence.  It is the burning loving longing  of God in His passion; for us to approach Him ever closer, to know Him, to see Him face to face within all creation and to walk by His side hand in hand.

It is the Souls reply in echo, of longing for its own authentication and union, that fuels the drive from below to stretch to touch the ecstatic heights offered from above, that takes it into the realms of the Passion of God. A Passion so vast; it creates of Itself. A Passion whose experience is described in mystical terms as the mystical marriage, the union between the Cosmic Christ, the bridegroom and the bride, the Soul. Its intimacy lies in the dance between the two where they are all that exists, the utter focus of one upon the other, the release from awareness of any time or space. The virginity spoken of in this mystical language is representative of the innocence, the purity of the created Soul. It is through Grace that this is how God always holds our reality, we remain the Holy Innocent One that He dreamed us into being, the one He waits longingly for to return, the one He welcomes home with feasting and celebration. For we were, are and ever will be His Beloved Holy Child.

Often the Holy Spirit is depicted as the dove. For this blog however I have chosen the image of the  Holy Spirit as Fire to represent its burning transformation of us, and  its yearning invitation to us both transcend and bring heaven down to earth at the same time. The quote below is taken from Benedictus by John O’ Donohue, and is part of a blessing. He blesses and invokes our capacity through service to integrate and transform this frontier place, i.e ourselves and our Earth.

In this fragile frontier-place, your kindness

Becomes the light that consoles the broken- hearted,

Awakens within desperate storms

That oasis of serenity that calls

The spirit to rise from beneath the weight of pain,

To create a new space in the person’s mind

Where they gain distance from their suffering

And begin to see the invitation

To integrate and transform it.

May you embrace the beauty in what you do

And how you stand like a secret angel

Between the bleak despair

And the unquenchable light of spirit

That can turn the darkest destiny towards dawn.