I Spoke To You At Your First Thought-Be Still, Know That I AM God

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
 and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow:
Our life is the creation of our mind.
 (563 BC-483 BC)
Founder of Buddhism.
God spoke to us at our first thought to ensure that we are completely rooted in the thought that was our Creation; God’s Thought of  Us, the Thought that was our specific individual creation. From this platform of  Divine Thought, we are then free to go forward in the physical and create our lives of ‘tomorrow’. We cannot read without learning an alphabet and equally this first thought, this Primal Thought sets us all off on the right course in life. This core thought is also all that truly exists, and contains within it all our individual truth and potential. All else is illusion, thus does not endure. This is how God holds the truth of our selves for us, mirrored in the way a mother forever holds her ‘knowing’ of her child in her heart, regardless of their actions.
Although in truth, the All exists within one Eternal moment, that  has no past, present and future; this is a hard concept for us to understand when our living suggests to us otherwise. Because we are experiencing duality in form here, within the construct of time and space, concepts such as past, present and future are terms which do hold understanding and meaning for us, giving us parameters and location in our lives. In that, they serve us well and we can explain things by using their terminology.
So our First Thought is our echo of God’s thought of us, our starting point . From then on we can choose what thoughts we hold and think on, and this has a role in directing our responses and feelings about the events in our lives further down the line. How we react, how we feel, how we choose to behave, what we believe about situations, people and experiences are the building blocks that we steer our futures with. Our Universe interacts with us, scientists are now beginning to open these facts to us, but in spiritual terms this has been understood for many centuries. The notion that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world can change the course of a hurricane on the other side of the world, is a term used to describe the ripple effect, how small actions by individuals ripple out and affect many other lives in the whole, who cannot be seen to be connected in any viable way.
Our thoughts affect others as well as ourselves. Our actions affect others. It is easier to see the connection between our actions and their consequences; it is harder to see the consequences of  our thoughts and what results they have. This is because we mistakenly think that our thoughts are private; in our heads and forget that our consciousness is linked as beads on a necklace, though there are many beads, the string is one.
So what service may we offer each other when it comes to our thoughts? Well, we can choose to still our minds regularly and take charge of them with a bit of self-discipline. That gives us a breathing space of reconnection with that original first thought, from which we may emerge and over time, with practise, become less hasty, less reactive, less judgemental, guard our tongues more carefully, be less willing to jump to conclusions, gossip, speak ill of others, cast aspersions and the like. In the instant world we live in today with media, Twitter and Facebook, thoughts which should perhaps be ignored quietly on reconsideration, emerge instantly out into the public arena, evoking reactions which themselves are also often ill-considered. Step back, breathe….slow down and reconsider your reactions, your instant responses, remember that what you are now thinking is creating your future…and by the time it arrives you may well find yourself confused as to ‘where this came from’. Smile: life is good. The following caption is reprinted here with permission.
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