When You’re Weary And Feeling Small

What do you do when hope has been wrung out of you so many times that you are utterly empty, on the floor of life?  What do you do when you have cried so many tears there are none left? When all your plans and hopes and dreams have come to nothing and you cannot see any future for yourself? When your marriage and your loving has failed, when you know your business is going bankrupt? When you cannot feed your children?

What do you do when your friends have all left and you have no-one to turn to? When you do not like yourself?  When you have committed a crime and are going to prison for it? Or are in prison for it…for years?  Who can relieve you of the pain and anguish you feel inside that is killing you slowly? How do you tell your family that you have defaulted on the mortgage payments and are about to lose your house? Lose your job? Lose your mind?

What do you do when no-one seems to care about you, the world is bleak and grey faces stare at you blankly passing you by, and you have no bed for the night, or the night after that? When the council has turned the fire hoses on your cardboard box you called home, to force you to move on and not be added to their statistics of homeless and vagrant? How do you feel when you scavenge for food that others have thrown out, or walk the streets another night plying your only trade?

There is one who knows you and knows the pain in your heart. One who in His tenderness and compassion will always be there with you walking by your side; right in the middle of your troubles and concerns with you,  sharing  all your grubbiness, shabbiness, poverty, pain, darkness and despair. One who feels no shame to sit by your side as you beg, or take another fix of drugs to numb the pain, one who always sees you as you truly are in His eyes and knowing and  He knows of you in those days, a little way down the line when you will start to notice the sunrise again and a ‘lucky’ break will help you to your feet.

When you walk in dark places and feel so very alone remember this miracle; that you never are. There is One who walks by your side through it all; good and bad together, success and failure, good deeds and not so good, one that never turns their back on you, never abandons you and never stops loving you through your struggles, your disappointments and fears.

For you are the child of a Loving God, who loves you so much that He will even walk through death for you to show you there is nothing to fear. He is your bridge over troubled waters.



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  1. SaintlySages says:

    Great blog! The name you chose for it is intriguing and inspiring. Yes, I believe one can live a spiritual life in the world. I am now following your blog on WordPress and look forward to reading and meditating on your posts. They give much food for thought. God bless!

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