I Spoke To You At Your First Word-Be Still, Know That I AM God.

I spoke to you

At Your first Word.

Be Still

Know That I AM God.

You who were created from the Word and came from silence, echoed your Creators cry in response. The Creator heard itself for the first time through hearing you, and such Joy was known in your being.  Your words hold the potential power of that which from which you emanated, it could be no other way; for you are a holy child of the highest.

With you the Word was sounded and made manifest. The Word had always existed yet had no sound until voiced by you. The sound manifest now travels through eternity before you and surrounds you. If this Word ceased to be, Creation would cease to be. The celebration of your word was its sounding for the first time.

 May your words be gentle and soothing to all you encounter. May you rejoice in the manifestation of love that your words bring when voiced. May you speak only kindness of and to all creation.

Preceeding the Word is the Great Silence. Within this silence lies all potential. This is the state of Godhead where all is one and one is all; and this is your true home, where you rest in the state of peace eternal. When you came on this long voyage to Earth you travelled through the dimensions of vibration until by engaging with form you entered it. For where you come from is stillness and exists as the great Universal Consciousness; that which is named God.

Here in this wonderful physical form you are able to express your uniqueness, the sacred expression that you individually are. The body you inhabit whilst on this sacred mission is built of your imagination of yourself. It is who you dreamt you would be. it is your interface with the external world and it contains your self. It is therefore a temple containing the greatest treasure imaginable, a Holy Temple containing a Holy One.

Words will be one of the most direct ways you can share with others what you came here to share. Your words carry creation within them, choose them carefully and guard the thoughts behind them with attention. The Word is power unlimited and within it lies your call that you can summon angels to your side with.

May you find a place of Deep Peace

In reading these words.

May the Peace wash through you

And over you

Leaving you calmed.

May you remember

The Highest Vision of who you Are

Enabling you to share with us all

Your unique offering.


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