I Spoke To You At Your First Sight, Be Still, Know That I AM God

I spoke to you

 At your first sight

Be Still

Know That I AM God.

God spoke with us at our first sight so that we may share our vision of creation. For what you see becomes  an act of your creation and thus we are reminded again to always seek the beauty and magnificence in all things in order that our creations may be honourable gifts offered up in praise and glory by a holy child whose parent is the Creator.

What we see has a far deeper context than the physical scanning of physical sight. Can you see beauty and Holy Presence in that which the world would deem ugly? Look again with your true eyes, the eyes of the Soul; for you are far more than your body. Limit not what you are able to see merely with the eyes of the body. Where you encounter division and hatred; bring the light of your Soul to shine upon it, for together we have identified a cry for help that can only be answered by love.

Commercialised manufactured beauty has become a fashion of great cruelty. It has set itself up as a benchmark that the transient shallow personality measures itself and others by. Such false standards have excluded the rich and wonderful variety that is the very expression of life. It is endemic at present in the media for many to look only at the surface of things without ever grasping their deeper and more subtle beauty. There is beauty in all life and much of it is not of the shallow surface kind. Can you take the time to seek it, or have your senses become dulled by the need for instant gratification? Does appearance matter to you? Think carefully before you respond from the ego and think of your reactions more honestly. For many are subtly proud whilst professing their humility. And many are enslaved to reacting to the simplistic notion of appearance. Behind this lays many a prejudice and hidden hatred and fear.

Only a sense of gratitude and in the moment awareness can compel your attention into noticing the beauty inherent in each unfolding moment of each day and in all life. For many; the rush of their daily distractions deemed so important by them is more worthy of attention than the glory of the sunrise or the pain sketched on the faces of the homeless sitting huddled on the streets  that they rush past, unaware of on their race to work. Yet beauty is inherent in all life and can be seen if looked for with the eyes of Soul.

Our reactions to what we see say more about us than they do about the reality of our vision. If we see with the eyes of Soul we see beauty, if we see with the eyes of the physical only then we do not see ‘reality’ but rather, illusion. Can our hearts still be touched? Can our relentless searching be stilled in the beauty of an unguarded moment? Or have we become numbed, lost in a quagmire of self-absorption and self relevance that pays little heed to others and our surroundings?

When human beings close their sacred energies and withdraw into themselves much physical and emotional damage occurs. The mind becomes twisted and narrow, choked like a tree strangled by ivy. Perspectives of reality are fractured and darkness floods spaces previously filled with light. To abandon your knowing of your sacredness and that of all life, reduces you to an impoverished state of being where all manner of things are perceived to have power over you that they do not truly have. Worse in some ways; you believe and act as though you have the right to power over others. We create our reality our reality with our thoughts and each of us lives in our own version of reality that we create.

The environmental challenges we face at the moment are the signs of the unbalanced system on the larger body system. Just as our thoughts and actions impede on our own physical health, so do they en- masse impinge on the very planet we live on. Gaia our mother is sick and we have contributed to her distress in our thoughtlessness.

This piece entitled Beauty came through to me in 1991 and speaks of how we create  and the importance for looking for the beauty always in all things.

Beauty falls sweetly in the eye of the beholder,

A rainbow.

A child squatting on the sand

Gazing at the world in a shell.

The innocence of youth

The peace of age.

A mother breast-feeding her child.

The early dawn

The harvest sun,

The arctic ice

Heavenly music

Ancient woods

Rushing gasping waterfalls,

Mother Earth.

 So it is when the soul re-unites with its source,

That miracles happen.

For miracles are nothing but unified action

That comes together on all levels

And thus are made manifest.

To imagine is to create

On one of many levels,

And your thoughts so carelessly discarded

Become physical reality on other dimensions of frequency vibration.

Therefore guard your thoughts

Make sure that each is worthy of creation.

Would you be proud to name each as your own?

You are My thoughts

Manifest on this dimension

And I know each by name

For each was created consciously

And carefully, with qualities and character and name.

When I looked and saw that it was good

I gave one final gift…

Free will, and within that holds all potential

And you will become accountable for your thoughts

Their consequences and their protégé.

Do not allow foul thoughts and deeds

To escape from you…

Create as pure and clean as you can.

You have already created much on many different


So it is when you gaze in love at a rainbow

Hold it in your reality and remember it

That you create each time a rainbow elsewhere

For others to enjoy.

Do you understand?

You create on many different levels

Awake and asleep.

Where you see love you create love

Where you see hate you create hate.

Therefore always seek out the beautiful

And if it is not obvious

Search for it until you see it

So that all you create is instigated by Love.

Do not be so hard on yourselves

The physical plane is fraught with difficulties

And distractions

Like a hall of mirrors

Which reflection is the right one?

All movement is progress one way or another.

Be at peace all of you

And look for the beauty always