The Eyes of Christ

The mountain man lives a life of simplicity and wisdom within its silence. Observing the world play out its dreams beneath his feet, he can also touch the stars and know that he belongs in the cosmos. Indeed, from his vantage point he knows he is closer to the heavens than to the earth below.

Watching the sun as she dresses herself in glorious array each morning to peep shyly from her Eastern home, he is the silent witness to her glory-often unnoticed by lowland dwellers. He honours her presence in the songs of joy within his heart.In the twilight hours of her progress he observes her slow resting, her work completed as she slips drowsily from his watchful eye-promising of her return to him as he alone watches.

Stars, the candles of the guardians twinkle as they approach his vision, telling him with great love and compassion of his ancientness, of worlds he has trodden so long ago. Quickening, his heart hears the music of the spheres…pulsing with the harmonic signature of Mother Earth’s melody. His knowing-that life is not sustained by mankind but by Divine Presence, that holds him still, cradling its infant in infinite tenderness and Universal Love.  For a woman who knows her Mother’s love and a man who knows his Father’s power tread this earth with respect, certainty and peace. Nature harmonises with them and they alone know the guardians of old walking ever beside them as their companions.

These are the ways of the new Heaven and Earth come before man’s eyes to witness. For the Christ dwells and is witnessed within each human heart. The choice remains as it ever was…to walk in Love and Peace, or tarry down the path of fear, division and hatred. Can you accept the greatness of your Soul? Or do you hesitate still bound within the prisons of illusion you have mistaken as being life? Tarry not I say, for the new Kingdom comes in the blink of an eye and that which is of the old ceases to be. Only Love is real.

Contemplation sits at the feet of God, waiting upon Him, unwilling to leave His presence, being flooded with enlightening love whose gift is eternally given. Contemplation is  deep union in the single eternal moment where no time exists. Through contemplation, revelation is give directly and intimately with the joy of relationship between Creator and created.  It is an osmosis of vibrational release and exchange, carrying within it all Wisdom-all knowing, all-seeing, wrapped in One-ness. Different to prayer, yet prayer too can lead as a gateway to the vibrational shift that is the gateway to the state of contemplation if Grace allows it. Direct communion with God within the sacred space. A fusing, a joining, a union. The soul is “lifted” to this place by and in Grace and for a while in which no time exists abides within Gods presence with all senses operating. There are no words that can describe this, it can only be said “it is like” or “it is as if”….It is a silence full of sound, vision, colour, touch, taste and knowing. One is fully conscious whilst in this space and brings back the wholeness of the experience back into the physical. The modern understanding of contemplation is to think about, to consider-but the state of mystical Contemplation is experiential in every sense with all senses involved. A powerful surge of energy like being struck like a bolt of lightning yet within perfect peace and stillness.

When you see the Christ there are two things you never forget. The first is the eyes. The eyes of Christ are utterly magnificent and beyond this world. His eyes see through your very Soul and with their probing comes the second simultaneous sensation-that of an overwhelming flooding of Love, so vast, so encompassing that it is beyond any description that could do it justice. A literal tsunami of Love. We have truly forgotten who we are and where we have come from. We have forgotten that we are so loved by He who created us. We have forgotten our power and our glory and our meaning. Silence, prayer and contemplation are tools we may use to repair the connection between our individual self and our Universal Self. In our searching and our finding we find peace.