In this world of endless noise

Let us find the Peace within

That no man can disturb.

Let us grow, so that we are filled to overflowing

And our cup runneth over.

Let the trickle become a torrent

Washing all in our wake

With pure Divine Light.

Let us change our world

From Within, beginning with ourself.

There is a place called Peace in the heartlands named Love, where all weary travellers find welcome, rest and shelter. Nourishment is of the Soul and the body discovers shade from the sun. The signposts to this gentle oasis are well-marked and are the bitter gall of emotions of physical life, of which, the Soul, ever eager of her charge’s destination pays no heed. Fancy and fashion she ignores, urging the personality to move on-ever onward.

Disappointment, frustration, anger, tears, grief, doubt,  failure-all such distractions of the small self the Soul knows for what they are-the branding marks burning experience, and listens to them not-for it dwells in the homelands named Love and knows our home-our place of true belonging-is there too.

O weary traveller-take heart in Peace, for therein lies the answers to all the questions you ask, the refreshment that quenches all thirst. The path is well-worn, for we have travelled it so many times-this path-this journey that we call life. Its bumps and twists and turns when viewed with Love become beauty stops that can be valued and appreciated and not feared. The depths of the valley with its long shadows are merely places of rest, the mountain tops, places of ecstasy and vision.

Legend and myth, the shelters of our belonging, are letters lovingly left for us by those who shared the same blood as ourselves walking before us whilst we were still in the place of distant dream and hope.  Shades of dark and light are as thunder clouds and sun-themselves merely passing over the canvas of our life. We are the sparks and passion of Divine Presence, we have no need of fear, the grave holds no victory, and death-no sting.

Our Soul, our pre-set compass, cradles us in loving embrace whilst we endure in form. We come not alone to this world of, but trailing blazing legacies of our greatness to share. We come to whisper of the homelands in this foreign realm to all who choose to snooze in the midday sun under sombrero’s of forgetful dreaming. We come to remind the warmonger of  peace by showing ours. We come to share forgiveness in our for- giving, offering it before it is asked of us. We come to Love those who hate us and oppose us. We come to stand tall, steadfast, quiet and courageous before the many faces of fear and evil deeds; the shadows that lurk in dark places by shining the flame of our eternal light upon them. We come to feed those who hunger, clothe those who wear the rags of inconsequence, and to take the prisoners hand, sitting a while with him in his isolation. We come to stand side by side with the oppressed and those who face injustice, in our silent presence we stand as shelters built on stone and not on shifting sands. We ask that all stand at the Sacred Throne before us and that we endure until the end of time, so that all may be gathered in safely before us.

We can find no outer peace here on Earth until we know ourselves consciously as the dwellers of Peace Everlasting and Love Eternal attending the sacred altar and extend this from our inner to our outer, shining its radiance as the beacon of homecoming to all who are lost and lonely in their travels, and whose anguished cries we hear.  We come to live and express our divinity in form, in full view and witness of all, to reach the highest vision of who we are through loving service of all.



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  2. mags says:

    Yes we do x Thank you x
    I should like like to know a little more about your journey. My sancturary is blessed with Holy water from Walsingham. I Long to go x

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