Living In The Monastery Without Walls-Prayer

The most fundamental aspect of Living In The Monastery Without Walls is Prayer. It is also misunderstood by the world at large. The Ancient Calling of your name invites you in Divine Grace at all times and in all places, to partake in the sacred silent communication between Creator and Created. How one develops in terms of the prayer life is dependent on extended Divine Grace being equally matched by our willingness to attend its grace. Many mistake prayer for petition, in prayer we do not ask for anything. Prayer is the settling inside the silent sacred circle where the Divine Source of Consciousness and I, an aspect of that are reunited. The drop of water is reunited within its ocean.
Michelangelo expresses pictorially the sacred relationship that defies and is above language and logic, so beautifully, in his haunting work, ‘The Creation of Adam‘, part of the mural soaring above the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. God stretches out to touch Adam-and Adam languidly reaches out towards God-with fingertips almost-but not quite touching. Prayer is the state that closes that illusory gap, the perception of duality is recognised again as union.
The homeland of Prayer is our shelter, our refuge from which we emerge strengthened as Peter-we are also the rock that holds firm and unswayed. It is and remains our true identity. As the temporal world trembles around us, knowing our identity and the peace that it brings acts as our foundations cast in stone and not of the shifting sands of the short span of physical life.

Prayer is the joyous response that emanates from the waking Soul that angels kissed at its creation.
It requires no language except that of the heart.
It is shared willingly and freely,
It cannot be directed or dictated by tradition.
It is the lantern always lit
When we stumble in the darkness of unknowing.
Its is the private conversation between two lovers
Whispered by melodic tones of intimacy through the eyes of Soul.
It is the Love that never betrays or denies us,
It is the teaching and the learning
The understanding and the feeling
The leading and the following,
And the walking side by side, hand in hand.
It is the in breath and the out breath,
Our Alpha and Omega.
It is the Silences promise to us that we are never alone.
It is our sharing of all that we discover
It is the language that we can never forget-and never will.
For it is Love in its expression, made manifest.

Prayerful attendance in the sacred silence also invites us deeper into contemplative prayer and from those mansions one may also enter the mansions of rapture and vision if Divine Grace be extended. This is Mystical Prayer, the true abiding place for those of us throughout the ages who have been called to walk this path. Mystical tradition is timeless, ageless and a sacrificial, responsible and solitary path-[and bears no resemblance to any reference to what the word is now accepted to mean.]


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